Messi is leaving Barcelona, Find Answers to All your Questions

Messi is leaving Barcelona, Find Answers to All your Questions

Lionel Messi has asked Barcelona to release him. This is the biggest news at the moment, although not official, all the media have confirmed the veracity of the news. But is Messi really leaving Barcelona? What will be the process if left? Questions you need to know the answers to …

Is Messi really leaving the Barcelona club?

Yes. At the moment that possibility is high. Messi has officially expressed his desire through Burofax. You mean, like, in 2008, there was talk of Barca without it. Messi was rumored to be leaving Barca in 2016 after a tax dispute. However, this time the situation is not like that. Messi is closer to leaving the club than ever before. So, you can be prepared to see Barca without Messi next season.

What will Barcelona do now?

This is a real problem. Barca does not want to leave Messi in any way. At least not the way Messi wants. There is a clause in Messi’s contract that if he leaves the club before June 10, he must be released for free. Messi wants to leave the club using this clause. And Barca claims that since June 10 has passed, the clause can no longer be used this season.

Messi will have to wait until 2021. And Messi’s lawyers claim that the season has been extended for the coronavirus. That is why the term should be extended from June 10 to at least August 31.

But what if no one compromises?

If both parties remain steadfast in their position, the matter will be taken to court. Remember, if Messi wants to leave the club, the court decision is more likely to go in his favor. Practice, if Messi does not join the pre-season, the matter will be more ugly. In that case, it is a matter of seeing what Bara will do.

Barca claims that in order to get Messi, Neymar will have to pay at least 222 million euros more than the release clause he had. And on paper, Messi’s release clause is 800 million euros. If Barca wins on the court, Messi may have to leave for another year. In that case, like Bell, you can spend that one year on the bench.

What if Bartomeu resigns?

A Spanish daily claims that Messi could stay at Barca if current Barca president Bartomeu resigns. But that doesn’t seem to be the case at the moment. First of all, the Barcelona board did not indicate that Bartomeu was resigning. And if he does not leave the post, there is no indication that Messi will still go.

In that case, the path of Messi’s compromise with the new board may be a little easier. But even after the transfer fee, Messi wants to leave Barca, it seems. However, a lot can change when Bartomeu leaves.

But which club will spend so much money on Messi?

No club is in a position to pay 800 million now, it can be said. 222 million may cost someone, but the question is whether it will do for a 33-year-old. And with Messi’s skyrocketing salary. At the moment, Messi is reportedly receiving a salary of 6 million euros a month. That’s about 100 million a year. Not many clubs can afford such a salary.


Who can pay Messi so much?

Some clubs can afford to pay. There is a lot of talk about Man City in England, Messi himself wants to go there. Man United and Chelsea have come down with such a budget this time. PSG can afford it, while Inter Milan in Italy could be a good option. But the question is whether any of them will pay more than 200 million transfer fee.

But why is Messi leaving Barca?

In a word, Messi’s relationship with the Barcelona board is in the last stage of deterioration. Messi was dissatisfied with many small things like keeping Valverde, not trying to bring in Neymar, bringing in Setien. So at the end of a season of nightmares, he made the decision. Still can play a few more years at the top level. Towards the end of one’s career, taking on new challenges can also be a factor.