Misbah is dreaming of turning around

Misbah is dreaming of turning around

The visiting Pakistan lost the first Test of the series in Manchester against England. On the fourth day of the match, Pakistan started dreaming of winning the match by taking 5 wickets of England out of 116 runs with a target of 26 runs.

But England’s Jos Butler and Chris Oakes snatched the match from Pakistan. Butler and Oakes led England to a 3-wicket victory at an average of 139 for the sixth wicket. Disappointed with the loss of the first Test of the series, Misbah is dreaming of turning around.

Misbah suggested that the memories of the first Test be quickly forgotten when returning to the series. He asked the players to pay more attention to the second Test. “Memories of the first Test are very disappointing,” Misbah said on the Pakistan Cricket Board’s website. Thus lost, these memories are hard to forget. But we have to forget the memory of the first test. Because that’s not the end of it, there are still two Tests. We have a good chance to return to the series. We have a lot to learn from the first test. If you can correct the mistakes, it is possible to do better in the next test.

Misbah is convinced to turn around in the second Test. “The rate at the Old Trafford Test has eroded our confidence,” he said. But to do well in professional cricket you always have to be confident. Because it is a game of cricket. There was very little difference between victory and defeat in the first Test. Of course, there is frustration, but it cannot be kept in mind. Otherwise, it will be difficult to turn around. The team has faith, we can turn around. We are still ready to challenge England. I do not want to give up. The boys are looking forward to doing well and winning. ‘

Misbah praised England’s victory in the first Test. “England turned things around in the second innings, so they have to be credited,” he said. Butler and Oaks played great. There was luck with them. We did not have luck. When the match is exciting, the beauty of the game increases. The first test is a great example of this. The tension has proved why Test cricket is still popular.

The second Test of the series starts in Southampton on Thursday (August 13). The third and final Test match of the series will be played on August 21 in Southampton. The three-match T20 series will start at the end of the Test series.