New heroine introduced in the League of Legends

We met a new heroine in the game League of Legends. Lillia ahead of you. Riot Games presented us with a new forester. Looking at splash art, you can mistakenly think it’s Neeko. Nothing could be more wrong, after all, Neeko has no hooves and is rather not a dread. Here we have mentioned the skills of new Lilla the new heroine introduced in the League of Legends.

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Skills of Lilla the new Heroine of League of Legends?

Passive – Dream-filled Staff Lilli’s skills apply Sleepy Dust, dealing with magic damage over time depending on the target’s maximum health.

Q – Blooming Blows

Lillia waves her branch and deals magical damage to nearby enemies, while those on the outer edge of the circle receive imminent damage. When he hits his attack, Lillia gains additional movement speed.

W – Watch out! TIP!

Lillia prepares and performs a powerful blow with her branch, dealing magic damage to enemies. Enemies in the center of the hit take more damage.

E – Seed Vortex

Lillia rolls up the Seed Vortex, dealing magic damage to enemies and slowing them down for a moment. If the Lillii Seed Whirlpool misses, it will roll on until it hits the enemy or an element of the terrain.

R – Melodic Lullaby

Lillia sends a lullaby to her enemies, and those under the influence of her Sleepy Dust get slower and slower, and finally sleep for a moment. If the enemy is awakened by taking damage, he will receive additional magic damage.