New Zealand Cricket Board to host four series at home

New Zealand Cricket Board to host four series at home

The New Zealand Cricket Board (NZC) is set to return home to cricket at a later date. The New Zealand Cricket Board (NZC) wants to host four series at home in the summer season. Where they want to win a series with Pakistan, Australia, West Indies as well as Bangladesh.

New Zealand Cricket Board (NZC) chief executive David White said in a statement on Tuesday (August 11th).

The Corona situation in New Zealand was favorable much earlier but they could not return to cricket on the field. However, in the meantime, England has returned to cricket at home. After hosting the West Indies and Ireland, the English are currently hosting Pakistan.

The Kiwis are delaying the return of cricket to the field due to the inability to provide adequate quarantine for the visiting team. However, NGC chief executive White thinks cricket will return to the field soon. That is why we have discussed with the parties. Hopefully, they will come to play very soon.

NGC chief executive David White said: ‘I spoke to the West Indies Cricket Board on the phone, they confirmed it to me. Pakistan, Australia, and Bangladesh will also come to play. So we are planning a 36-day international cricket schedule.

“We are working with government agencies on this at the moment,” he said. They are supporting us a lot more. Our government has also helped tremendously.

According to the ICC’s Future Tour Program (FTP), a three-match ODI series and a three-match T20 series are scheduled to be played in New Zealand on February-March 2021. However, due to Corona, the series is in doubt, but White claims that the series will be held on time.