New Zealand government has warned Pakistan to end the tour

The New Zealand government has warned Pakistan that the tour will end if the rules are broken

The Pakistan cricket team is currently in New Zealand to play 2 Tests and 3 T20 matches. New Zealand, which has been praised for its resistance to the coronavirus, has to comply with strict biological protection regulations. But the Pakistan team seems to be a little too careless. The New Zealand Government has warned Pakistan to end the tour if they broke the rules again.

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The country had warned England several times during the visit that it did not follow the rules of hygiene. This time Pakistani cricketers have repeated the same incident even after visiting New Zealand. The New Zealand government has already warned that six cricketers have been affected by the corona. They have also made it clear that they will send him back to the country if he breaks the rules.

The world is still drowning in the terror of the Corona epidemic But in the meanwhile human life is going on in various limitations. Professional stadiums are as vocal as ever. Cricket is played on a field without spectators. Strict rules and regulations have to be followed even outside the game of different protocols. The country did not allow the practice except for 14 days of quarantine.

So far, six cricketers have been injured in the Pakistan team’s tour of New Zealand. So the New Zealand government is pushing harder to comply with safety regulations. They are very angry with the Pakistani cricketers. He warned the team for the last time.

Confirming the matter, Pakistan Cricket Board CEO Wasim Khan said in a message on social media, “Listen, guys, I have spoken to the New Zealand government. They told me that three or four mistakes had been made in the Covid-19 protocol. They will not tolerate it anymore and have given the last warning. ‘

The issue is not limited to cricketers now. The state is involved with respect and credibility. Wasim Khan reminded the matter. Addressing the cricketers, he said, “We understand that this is a very difficult time for you and you have been through this once in England. It’s not easy.

But it is the honor and credibility of our nation. Adhere well to these 14 days and then you will be able to roam freely in restaurants and certain places. They have made it clear to me that even if they break the rules once again, they will send us back to the country. ‘