Home News Ntini told the story of loneliness in his playing life

Ntini told the story of loneliness in his playing life

Ntini told the story of loneliness in his playing life

Former South African star pacer Makhaya Ntini tells the story of his loneliness. He suffered from loneliness while on the national team. The main reason behind this was to be black. His teammates did not respect him very much. Ntini also complained that he had to live a very isolated life as a result. Not even on the dining table.

The ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement is going on all over the world after the death of a poor man named George Floyd in America. More than 30 former South African cricketers have taken part in the movement. Like them, Makhaya Ntini portrayed the inequality that happened to her when she went to state her position.

“I was alone the whole time (when I was in the national team),” the 43-year-old pacer said in an interview with the South African Broadcasting Corporation. No one even called me when I went to dinner. My teammates used to plan without me in front of me. Makhaya Ntini tells his story of loneliness.

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‘No one sits next to me for breakfast. We wore the same jersey, sang the same national anthem. But I had to go through a period of isolation. ‘ Ntini added.

The owner of 856 international wickets for South Africa was so racist that the team used to run to the stadium instead of the bus. The former star said, ‘I would look at the driver of the team bus and give him my bag. Then I would run to the field. I would come back the same way. ‘

‘People never understood why I was doing this. I never told them what I wanted to avoid. That became my best thing. I have not faced all this (caste discrimination) at least at this time. I was moving away from loneliness. If I had sat in the back of the bus, they would have come to the front. ‘

If the match had been lost, Antoni would have had to stand on the fence first. But whenever I lost, I was the only one to blame. ‘

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