Pak-India fight to elect ICC chairman

Pak-India fight to elect ICC chairman

The Cold War between India and Pakistan also began with the election of the next ICC chairman. Pak-India fight to elect ICC chairman who will be the chairman of the highest governing body of cricket is not yet a major issue. The key issue is how the ICC chairman will be elected. Because, in the current situation, it is not possible to elect a new chairman on the basis of consensus. Elections are inevitable. But how will that election? With that, the conflict between the Big Three of cricket and the rest of the countries has started.

The ‘Big Three’ of cricket, India, Australia, and England, want elections to be held on the basis of a simple majority only. But other countries, led by Pakistan, want elections to be held on a two-thirds majority. A total of 16 people, including ICC member countries and nominated members, have the right to vote.

To put it bluntly, India, England, and Australia want the next chairman to be elected by more than half of the 18 candidates, or nine. On the other hand, other countries, including Pakistan, want the ICC chairman to be elected only if they get the support of two-thirds of the 12 members. This is basically a cold war between India and Pakistan. An ICC official has also admitted this.

An ICC member told an all-India media that ICC board members met on Monday to decide on the nomination process for the next presidential election. But there was no solution. The main reason is the conflict between the BCCI and the PCB over the electoral system. In fact, the main reason for the controversy surrounding the electoral system is that it was not possible to choose one on the basis of consensus.

Sourav Ganguly, ECB chairperson Colin Graves and West Indies Cricket Board president Dave Cameron are still vying for the post. If any of them can be appointed to the ICC post on the basis of consensus, then all the problems should be solved. But that is not happening. In the current situation, there is an indirect battle between the two eternal rivals surrounding the ICC elections.