Pakistan invites Afghanistan to play the series for the first time

Pakistan invites Afghanistan to play the series for the first time

Afghanistan is getting a chance to visit Pakistan for the first time. Pakistan invites Afghanistan to play the cricket series for the first time in Pakistan. Wasim, chief executive of the Pakistan Cricket Board, confirmed the news.

Pakistan’s Prime Minister and former player Imran Khan visited Kabul, Afghanistan last Thursday. Pakistan has discussed various issues including trade and border security. Wasim broke the news on Tuesday shortly after Imran returned to Pakistan after the tour.

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Earlier, Afghanistan had visited Pakistan once in 2011. On that tour, Afghanistan played a series against a second-tier team of Pakistan. However, the matches of that series did not get any recognition from the ICC.

In a statement on Tuesday night, the PCB chief executive said of the visit, “We will try to find out the possible timing of this visit. If not in 2021, then of course there will be plans to organize in 2022. ” However, Wasim did not say anything about the format of the series.

Prior to the series, Pakistan is scheduled to play their home series against Afghanistan, according to the ICC FTP. Afghanistan has announced that the home series will be held in the United Arab Emirates. The series is scheduled to take place in the United Arab Emirates as part of the 2023 World Cup Super League.