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PCB raises match fees and salaries in domestic cricket

PCB raises match fees and salaries in domestic cricket

The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has decided not to increase international match fees for cricketers under the country’s central contract. All cricketers will play at the previous match fee including the central contract. However, PCB raises the monthly salary and match fees of domestic cricket contractors.

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Several days ago, the PCB released the list of contracted cricketers. However, due to the Corona effect, several cricketers have not yet formally signed contracts. For the first time, the PCB brings cricketers under a contract under family insurance. Recently, according to Pakistani media reports, there are indications that PCB raises the match fees for central contract cricketers. However, nothing much happened in the last approved match fee structure.

Match fees are paid in four categories of Tests in international matches.

The ‘A’ category cricketers will get a match fee of PKR 8,72,300 in Tests, Rs 47,615 in ODIs, and Rs 336,250 in T20s.

Category B cricketers will get Rs 75,270 in Tests, Rs 390,033 in ODIs, and Rs 270,600 in T20s.

Cricketers in the ‘C’ and emerging categories will get a match fee of Rs 56,280 in Tests, Rs 312,543 in ODIs, and Rs 202,950 in T20s.

The winner of the Man of the Match award in Tests and ODIs received a cash prize of 3 lakh Pakistani rupees from the board. Where the figure in T20 is one and a half lakh Pakistani rupees. However, the financial amount for the man of the match has increased in the last meeting. The best cricketers in Tests, ODIs, and T20s will get Rs 6 lakh, Rs 5 lakh, and Rs 2.5 lakh respectively.

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The PCB’s Board of Governors, however, decided to increase match fees and monthly salaries in domestic cricket. The number of contracted cricketers in domestic cricket has also increased. 32 top cricketers from 6 cricket associations have got the opportunity in the contract.

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