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PCB reduced the budget due to Coronavirus

PCB reduced the budget due to Coronavirus

The annual budget of the Pakistan Cricket Board PCB is reduced due to the impact of Corona. The company has announced a reduction of about 10 per cent of next year’s budget. The 56th Board of Governors has announced a budget of Rs 48.2 million for the next fiscal year by video conference. Of this, Rs 32.9 million will be spent directly on cricket. Corona has reduced costs in various sectors and strict economic management has made it possible to reduce costs by 10 per cent. However, the PCB said that reducing the cost would not affect the country’s cricket activities.

Corona did not have much impact on Pakistan’s cricket schedule. Only matches against Bangladesh in the series and play-offs of the PSL have been postponed. Pakistan is one of the first countries to return to cricket after the Corona storm. The country will play three Tests and an equal number of T20 series in England from next August.

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81.2 per cent of the total budget for the next financial year or. 32.9 million will be spent on direct cricket activities. The PCB has assured that it will continue to invest in the development of cricket despite the economic losses caused by Corona.

The PCB will spend Rs 8.35 million to host various domestic and international series and tournaments in Pakistan. The PCB could spend Rs 8.46 million to launch the PSL next year. The biggest impact of the budget cuts in the coming financial year is going to be on the country’s cricket infrastructure sector. The PCB has allocated about 40 per cent less in this sector than the previous year. Last year, about Rs 200 crore was spent in this sector, but this time it has come down to Rs 120 crore.

The company has allocated about Rs 6.12 million to build an increased salary structure for domestic cricket and players. The PCB has allocated Rs 1.61 million for women’s cricket in the next financial year. But PCB has reduced the budget for rest of the upcoming events.

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