Petition Filed in High Court Seeking the Arrest of Virat Kohli

Petition Filed in High Court Seeking the Arrest of Virat Kohli

According to reports, a petition has been filed against the Indian Skipper Virat Kohli in the Madras High Court seeking his arrest for the alleged promotion of online gambling websites and applications. The petitioner alleged that online gambling companies are using stars like Kohli to “brainwash” young people.

Behind the back of a young man from Chennai who allegedly took his life for losing all his savings by investing it in online gambling, a petitioner has filed a petition against the captain of the Indian cricket team Virat Kohli at the Madras High Court looking for of the arrest of the latter.

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According to a Times Now report, in the petition filed by a Chennai-based advocate, the petitioner asked the Madras High Court to ban online gambling apps to start and alleged that these companies were using the influence of powerful personalities like Kohli to ‘brainwash’ young people.

The petitioner, whose identity is unknown, demanded the arrest of the Indian boss for indirectly intervening in online gambling, which, according to him, is a curse for young people. Although there has been no official response from the Indian employer on the matter, the report added that the hearing for the case will take place on Tuesday, August 4.

This is the second non-cricket controversy Kohli found himself in, within three weeks, after Sanjeev Gupta, a former life member of the Madhya Pradesh Cricket Association (MPCA), filed a complaint against the Indian boss for an alleged Conflict of interest.