Player As A Wicket-Keeper, Batsmen, And Bowler in the Same Match

Player To Play As A Wicket-Keeper, Batsmen, And Bowler in the Same Match

Everyone knows how effective the role of an all-rounder can be for the team. But there have been three instances in the history of ODI cricket where a cricket player plays as a wicket-keeper, bowler, batsmen, and fielder in the same ODI match. Surprised to hear! But this is true.

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Player to Bat, Bowl, and Wicket-Keep in the Same match

There are 2 cricketers who batted, bowled, Wicket-keep, and fielding in the same match. Now let’s find out about them:

1. Tatenda Taibu

In the first match of the ODI series against Sri Lanka in 2004, Zimbabwe captain Tatenda Taibu played the role of an all-rounder. Although he was a wicket-keeper batsman, he took off his gloves when the team needed him. In that match, he gave 19 runs in 4 overs. However, he played the highest innings of 96 runs for the team with the bat.

The same thing happened in the fifth match of the ODI series between Sri Lanka and Zimbabwe in 2004! However, this time it was not 4-5 overs, but Tatenda Taibu bowled 10 overs. He even took 2 wickets. He also scored 26 runs with the bat.

2. Virat Kohli

In an ODI match against Bangladesh in 2015, Virat Kohli picked up the keeping gloves due to Dhoni’s temporary absence. Earlier, he bowled two overs and scored 12 runs. However, he failed to bat in that match; He returned to the pavilion with only 1 run.