PS4 Game Controllers Buying Guide

PS4 Controllers PlayStation 4 Game Controllers Buying Guide

Upon purchase, a PS4 always comes with an original PlayStation 4 Sony game controller. But users are free to purchase a compatible and customizable third-party controller. However, it is not always easy to recognize the best-performing model. To help you see more clearly, follow our buying guide for the best PS4 game controllers on the market.


Wired or wireless: Choose your connection

Instead of putting the cart before the horse and figuring out where to buy a new PS4 controller, you first need to figure out which model you want to have. There is in particular the choice between the wired and wireless gamepad. These two options allow you to connect to the console. Their difference lies, however, in terms of latency.

A wired connection has less gaming latency (almost no) compared to a wireless connection. This latency translates into the reaction time and response time of the console when you press a button on the controller.

Our advice? A wired console controller offers fluidity and speed in games. It is more stable. That said, it requires players to park in front of the screen. The wireless option is more practical due to its freedom of movement. However, it is slower. Also, it typically requires a charging time of 8 hours.

As for Sony’s official DualShock 4 model, it is a dual connection type. It offers a Bluetooth connection to pair with the console. However, it allows a wired connection to play and recharge.


Pro or Standard, with or without a license: the clash of qualities

Obviously, it is always recommended to buy high-quality and original pro products. That said, their sky-high price can quickly send your stock market flying beyond your imagination. There is a cheaper alternative: standard and/or unofficial PS4 controllers.

Compared with Sony’s standard DS4s, Pro or Elite gamepads are designed with premium and more durable materials. They are much more customizable with the buttons, joysticks, and triggers (L and R). Also, they are more responsive and precise.

As for the license, the market only offers 3 models of official PS4 controllers: Sony DS4, Rai Razer, and Nacon’s Revolution Pro. These have the advantage of being always up to date. Standard unlicensed models may in some cases lag behind in this regard.

But that doesn’t mean unlicensed controllers are stationed at the bottom of the ladder. Sure enough, you can find unofficial Pro models getting regular updates like Scuf Infinity 4PS. Also, note that the DS4 is the only one that can remotely turn on the console with the “home” button.


The PS4 Game Controllers Brands

The question of the best brand of PS4 controllers has its weight in gold. Apart from the official label, there are other benchmark manufacturers offering models of interest. Among these, find:


1. Sony:

It is the leading and official brand of the PS4. A controller of its own (DS4 in particular) is efficient and always up to date. It is robust, ergonomic, and of high quality. But its products are often the most expensive on the market.


2. Scuf:

The customizable controllers of this American brand appeal to their originality (a wide range of colors and patterns). In addition to being stylish, they embed innovative technologies such as EMR.


3. Nacon:

This manufacturer is well known for its controllers with improved performance. Its products are intended to meet the needs of players in terms of the gaming experience. Among its great successes, you have 100% customizable eSports.


4. Razer:

This is one of the most popular labels in the business. This American brand is one of the giants specializing in the design of peripherals for PCs and consoles.



In addition to the brand, you should also consider the prices. You can get information through price comparison. But be aware that a classic DS4 costs around 50 to 60 €. A model of the Elite controllers is worth at least 85 €. The most sophisticated variants can reach 200 €. An inexpensive entry-level controller is available for purchase from € 30.