Home News PTA Bans PUBG In Pakistan

PTA Bans PUBG In Pakistan

PTA Bans PUBG In Pakistan

The Pakistan Communications Authority PTA today bans PUBG in Pakistan. PUBG gaming service has been temporarily banned in Pakistan, according to a statement released by the PTA spokesperson.

According to the spokesman, the decision to banning the PUBG game was made after consultation. It should be noted here that earlier in June, and two teenagers committed suicide in Lahore when their parents did not allow them to play. The parents of the deceased children had filed a petition in the Lahore High Court to ban the game.

As suicides rise sharply, IG police in Punjab sent a letter to the PTA bans PUBG mobile in Pakistan. CPO Lahore Zulfikar Hameed said that three youths had committed suicide so far due to sports. It is worth noting here that many people around the world killed themselves while playing this violent game.

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