PUBG Mobile Game Gets Banned in Pakistan

One of the most trending action game PUBG mobile gets banned in Pakistan. According to the latest statement of the PTA, the spokesman said the PUBG Mobile was temporarily suspended in Pakistan. PTA spokesman said the final decision on a complete ban on the game would be made after consultation.

PTA temporarily suspends PUBG in Pakistan

Why PUBG Mobile Gets Banned in Pakistan?

Two children committed suicide in Lahore when they were not allowed to play PUBG, where the parents of the children filed a petition in the Lahore High Court and requested for a total ban on the game. The IG police also sent a message to the PTA about banning the PUBG.

It is important to remember that many youngsters from all over the world have lost their lives due to PUBG Mobile games, two teams are formed in this game and players kill each other with the help of weapons. Psychologists also say that youth suffer from mental stress because of sports, while the element of violence between them also increases.

Punjab police called upon the Financial Intelligence Agency and the Pakistan Communications Authority to ban IP addresses for online video games in Pakistan so that children cannot play games.

Lahore police chief Zulfikar Hamid said that three youths had committed suicide due to the match so far, and the details of the three cases have been handed over to the concerned agencies.