Rabada wants to win the IPL 2020 title

Rabada wants to win the IPL 2020 title

Arrived in Dubai and completed the 7-day compulsory home quarantine. After finishing quarantine, Kagisu Rabad, a Pratia pace batsman, has joined the rest of the Delhi Capitals team. Last year, his team finished the Delhi tournament with the 3rd highest. But Iyer’s team played great cricket. Kagiso Rabada’s conviction to play cricket again and again.

Balechaina, “I know we can challenge any team and we can win. Because we went very close to the title last year. This will help us move forward mentally. ” Rabada is feeling great after joining the Delhi camp. KG added: “It’s a new year so don’t think about what you’ve done before. I got all the great teammates here. But we have to start all over again. ”

Rabada wants to win the IPL 2020 this time and bring the title to Delhi for the first time. This Protea fast bowler is also very optimistic. “We have to do the whole process again from the beginning, ” Rabada said. Hopefully, we can make a great start and win it (IPL) in the end. We want to be consistent above all and win the IPL. In fact, we should win this time. ”

Kagiso Rabada out of cricket for 5 months due to coronavirus lockdown. This time of lockdown has made Rabada more mentally strong. Rabada, the 2nd highest wicket-taker of last year, joked about his current mentality, “I think I should bowl more and more. Because I want to be sure if I really forgot to the ball (hahaha). ”


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