Rohit Sharma six fell on the moving bus

Rohit Sharma six fell on the moving bus

The current champions Mumbai Indians will start their journey with the opening match of IPL 2019 against runners-up Chennai Super Kings. Rohit Sharma’s Mumbai has started training hard to retain the title of this mega cricket tournament.

Today, during batting practice, Rohit Sharma caused an incredible incident. The Mumbai captain’s Rohit Sharma comes down the wicket and the hit a six over the bowler’s head went past the stadium. There is no gallery on the training ground in Dubai so it is a busy road a short distance away. Rohit Sharma six fell on the moving bus. The 95-meter six was also caught on camera. Mumbai Indians have shared the video on their Instagram account.

Rohit is one of the most successful captains of this league in the world. The right-handed batsman has won four IPL trophies for the Mumbai Indians. That’s also the most for any team. The Hit Man is also in great form. Earlier this year, Rohit Sharma scored 140 runs in just one match of the T20 series against New Zealand with a great strike rate of over one and a half-hundred.

The BCCI has not yet released the full schedule of IPL 2020. Only the first episode and the day of the final have been released. The BCCI has said that the playoff schedule will be announced soon. The million-dollar tournament will be screened with the Mumbai-Chennai match on the 19th.


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