Shahid Afridi Rated MS Dhoni More than Ricky Ponting

Shahid Afridi Rated MS Dhoni More than Ricky Ponting

Former Pakistani captain Shahid Afridi, in a question-and-answer session with his Twitter followers, revealed that he rated MS Dhoni more than Ricky Ponting as captain because of the former youth development achievement. Afridi also named Pat Cummins as the best bowler in the world.

When for much of the 2000s it seemed the legacy and recognition of then-Australia captain Ricky Ponting as a captain who was going to remain unflappable, the MS Dhoni of India appeared like a thunderbolt from the blue and took the cricket worldwide by storm.

After leading the team in the T20 World Cup title in 2007 in his first tournament as a skipper, Dhoni led India to the number one spot in test cricket in 2009, after which he handed the team the titles of the 50 World Cup and the Champions Trophy. in 2011 and 2013 respectively.

Under his uniquely styled leadership, India became a superpower that Dhoni’s predecessor Sourav Ganguly had envisioned.

These accolades garnered by the former Indian skipper have seen many Dhoni brands as a superior skipper over Ponting, and now former Pakistani skipper Shahid Afridi also jumped on the bandwagon and rated the hitter a porter as a better captain than the Australian run. -machine.

In a question-and-answer session with his Twitter followers, Afridi revealed that he rated Dhoni a better captain than Ponting, simply because he believed the porter-hitter hitter developed “a team full of youngsters.” Ponting, in fact, has been rated by many as “lucky” for inheriting a champion team built by Steve Waugh.

Afridi, in the same question and answer session, meanwhile, also answered a wide variety of questions. The explosive off-roader revealed that he believed that Australian Pat Cummins was the best bowler in the world at the moment and also revealed that Saeed Anwar was, during his game days, his favourite batting partner. The 40-year-old also tagged great lord Viv Richards as his all-time favourite hitter and described Pakistan’s limited Babar Azam captain as the backbone of the team’s batting.