Home News Shakib Al Hasan also loves to Play football

Shakib Al Hasan also loves to Play football

Shakib Al Hasan also loves to Play football

Many people know about Shakib Al Hasan’s love of football. This superstar of Bangladesh cricket Shakib also loves to play football. Shakib talks about football in a conversation with Hersha Vogel, a famous cricket platform cricketer.

Shakib said about his love to play football of Bengalis, ‘Yes (I like a football). Bengalis love their football. If you talk about Kolkata, Bangladesh, we are crazy about football. Cricket is our profession, but passion is always football.

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Hersha Vogle said of Bengali cricketer Sourav Ganguly’s football obsession, ‘I know Sourav very well. I once asked him about some of the best moments of his career. He also told me about the penalty goal for St. Gregory’s School! ‘

Hersha Vogle asks Shakib if he plays in the left-wing.

Shakib replied, ‘Attacking midfielder. Whenever we play football, especially in the warm-up, we fight regularly. I don’t talk to those who are in the opposing team. Most of the time we don’t talk to (opponents) with those we share the dressing room with while playing football. When we play football, we go insane (laughs). ‘

Shakib Al Hasan and Nazimuddin play football during training. 

‘It’s not that the team that loses the game has to have dinner with the winning team or something like that. It’s only a 15-20-minute game. But we are very serious. Many of us have been injured.

The game of football is quite common in the warm-up of cricketers. However, lately, many people are discouraged from playing football in the warm-ups. The number of cricketers injured while playing football is not less.

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