Shakib wants to play more for another three to five years

He is 33 years old. For cricketers, of course, not too much, but no less. Shakib Al Hasan knows that time is slowly coming down. But at the moment he has no such thoughts in his head. On the contrary, it seemed that the game could continue for a long time during the ban. If all goes well, Shakib wants to play more cricket for another three to five years.

Shakib was banned last year for concealing offers from gamblers. The ban will expire this October, after eight months. Didn’t miss too much cricket for the coronavirus. At this time Shakib-Shishir’s second child has come to light the house, now he is spending time with his family. Shakib has also recovered a bit mentally. Cricketer Harsh told Vogle that he is learning to control his anger more than before. His two daughters are helping him more here. However, at one stage of the long conversation, the issue of free retirement came up.

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Shakib had earlier taken a break from Tests to prolong his career. He has been sidelined for the last three years due to injury. At the moment Shakib is thinking, he can play till he is 36 years old, ‘Yes, now I have two young daughters. I think I can play a few more years. This one year (during the ban) my time is giving me hope, I can play for a long time. At one point I thought, maybe because of family time or some other reason I can’t play cricket for more than a couple of years. But for this one year and the World Cup, I will be able to play even longer. I think I can continue playing for another three to five years. ‘

Bangladesh will need Shakib very much in the 2023 World Cup. At that time he will be 36 years old. Shakib wants to play at least until that World Cup. But he also put the condition of enjoyment, ‘a lot depends on performance and fitness. I will continue only if I enjoy the game. I will give up when I think I am not enjoying the game anymore.