Shane Warne thought Sachin was ten years old when he first saw him

Shane Warne thought Sachin was ten years old when he first saw him

Seeing Sachin Tendulkar score a century for the first time in Australia, Shane Warne thought that the Indian star was only 10 years old! That was in the 1991-’92 season. That’s what the legendary Australian legspinner Shane Warne said jokingly upon Sachin Tendulkar.

Warne made his debut in that series against India in the 1991-92 season. He bowled Sachin for the first time in the third Test in Sydney. Master Blaster saved the match by playing a remarkable 146-run innings in that Test. Shortly afterward, Tendulkar again scored a century off Perth’s bouncy wicket. He was 21 years old then.

Commenting on the England vs Pakistan Test series, Warne said, “When I first saw Sachin, he was 21 years old. But he looked like a 10-year-old boy. All our bowlers were beaten enough. This is the specialty of Sachin. Where it seems very common. But playing in an incredible manner! ‘ Explaining why Sachin is great as a batsman, Warne added, “When such cricketers get a good ball, they don’t waste it by hitting the fielder.” Rather it tries to send it out of bounds with a gap of two fielders.

The bowlers are under pressure. That’s what Sachin should do. ‘ He added that batsmen get a lot of non-toxic balls when they play in this way. But if the batsman saves the wicket without being aggressive, then the bowler becomes emotionally strong. Then the ball can be thrown wherever you want in the wicket. As a bowler, this batsman will not hit him no matter what else he does. ‘


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