Shane Watson criticized the new rules of the BBL 2020

Shane Watson criticized the new rules of the BBL 2020

Former Australian World Cup-winning all-rounder Shane Watson sharply criticized the new rules of the Big Bash League BBL 2020. He said that these rules are ‘fraudulent’ and ‘dangerous’ for T20. The Cricket Board of Australia is introducing three new rules to make the 10th BBL more attractive, starting December 10. The rules are Power Surge, X-Factor Player, Bash Boost.

‘I have learned about the three new rules of the Big Bash League (BBL). These rules will endanger the tournament. Watson wrote in a blog post on his own T20 website.

‘The way ordinary people are enjoying BBL, it doesn’t seem to need any change. There is no need to unnecessarily change the course of this exciting tournament. The new rules are baseless at once.

The new three rules of the Big Bash League BBL 2020

1. Power Surge:

According to the current rules of T20 cricket, the first 8 overs are powerplay. However, according to the new rules of Big Bash, the first 4 overs will be powerplay instead of 8 overs. Within 11 overs, the batting team can use the remaining 2 overs at any time. These 2 overs are called ‘Power Surge’. Like PowerPlue, Power Surge will have only 2 fielders outside the circle.

2. X-Factor Player:

The 12th and 13th players on the team’s player list. The 12th or 13th player can be played after 10 overs of the 1st innings. This player is called ‘X Factor Player’. Any player who has not yet batted or bowled more than 1 over despite being in the XI can be replaced by an ‘X Factor Player’.

3. Bash Boost:

Either team will get a bonus point in the middle of the 2nd innings. This is called ‘bash boost’. If the team batting in the 1st innings can surpass the run scored in the 1st 10 overs by the team batting in the 2nd innings, then the team batting in the 2nd innings will get the ‘Bash Boost’ bonus point. And even if they can’t cross, the opposing team will get the bonus point.

Also, if the team wins earlier, it will get 2 points. Now you will get 3 points. Both teams also have an additional 1 point chance under the bash boost.

Watson, who retired from all forms of cricket after playing in the 13th IPL this year, said the game would be more complicated under the new rules.

‘The new policies will confuse players and coaches as well as spectators. Such low-quality rules will ruin the game, ”Watson said.

Watson, who retired from international cricket in 2016 and last time from the Big Bash, played 59 Tests, 190 ODIs, and 56 T20I matches, taking a total of 10,950 runs and 291 wickets for Australia.