Shashank Manohar has resigned as the chairman of ICC

Shashank Manohar has resigned as the chairman of the International Cricket Council (ICC). He did not want to remain in office as his term had expired. So resigned. Corona has not yet appointed a new ICC chairman at this time. Due to which Shashanka Manohar could have continued his duties for a few more days if he wanted.

With Shashank Manohar stepping down, ICC acting chairman Imran Khawaja will take over. Manohar has been the highest official of the governing body of cricket for four years in two terms.

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The International Cricket Council (ICC) has confirmed in a press release that the former BCCI chief has resigned from the ICC. The process of finding a new ICC chairman will begin by next week.

“ICC chairman Shashank Manohar has resigned twice after a two-year term,” the governing body said in a statement. The ICC board has decided today that Deputy Chairman Imran Khwaja will be the chairperson until his successor is elected.

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