Shashank Manohar was not in favor of the IPL this year

Shashank Manohar was not in favor of the IPL this year

Despite discussions about IPL and T20 World Cup, the World Cup has been postponed. And in this empty time, the BCCI has finalized everything for organizing the IPL. As a result, there was an invisible pressure from the Indian board to stop the World Cup in the IPL. Former Pakistan cricketer Basit Ali says former ICC chairman Shashank Manohar was not in favor of the IPL this year.

The Indian board was waiting for the official announcement of the postponement of the World Cup. The BCCI has said that the UAE will host the IPL in a September-November window following an official statement from the ICC. The chances of IPL organizers increased after the host cricket Australia said it was impossible to host the World Cup on time.

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Former Pakistan cricketer Basit says Shashank Manohar did not want IPL instead of the World Cup. “It was a clear strategy of Shashank Manohar to postpone the World Cup by one and a half months,” said Basit Ali. I am sorry that the Indian audience may feel bad. He did not want the IPL to be held this year.

‘It’s my own opinion, I’ve said it before. He has a great strategy to deliberately delay the decision on the World Cup. The former Pakistani batsman said this on his YouTube channel.

The 49-year-old Basit said he had received many phone calls alleging that the BCCI had pressured the ICC to postpone the World Cup to host the IPL. The batsman, who has played 19 Tests and 50 ODIs for Pakistan, said:

‘There has been a lot of talk on social media and channels. I even got lots of calls but refused to answer. The BCCI put so much pressure that the World Cup was postponed and the Asia Cup for the IPL was also postponed.

“People may not know the inside story of what was discussed at the ICC meeting. However, after Australia announced that it was impossible to host, it became clear that the World Cup was going backwards.a