Sony invests $ 250 million in Epic Games

All the blocks are slowly forming a whole. We can guess from where the last Unreal Engine 5 presentation on PlayStation 5. The whole world has been informed that Sony invests $250 and becomes one of the shareholders of Epic Games. The giant decided to invest in the creators of Fortnite $ 250 million, about a billion zlotys.

Sony has decided to invest $ 250 million in Epic Games. Thus, the giant has become another of the shareholders of the creators of Fortnite. The huge transaction will allow both companies to significantly strengthen cooperation. We have seen this recently. Epic Games presented the new Unreal Engine just on PlayStation 5.

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Also, the latest statements from the studio could be considered in a completely different light than before. Many of them were about Unreal Engine 5 and PlayStation 5. Both companies want to seal their cooperation with this step. It seems that soon we can expect more effects of cooperation between two giants. It remains to rub your hands and count on the fact that such a move will bring many benefits to all players.


Great Epic Games increases

It is interesting, however, that Sony invests in Epic Games means that Sony becomes the owner of only 1.58 percent of shares. This is a minority package. This shows clearly how much Epic Games has developed in recent years. In 2012, the Chinese giant Tencent decided to invest 330 million dollars in the creators of Fortnite. At that time, it allowed them to obtain as much as 40% shares. The height is huge. This cannot be denied. Epic Games is currently valued at nearly $ 18 billion. Of course, time will show how the whole cooperation will go, but I think we all think that we can expect only good information. Players will definitely benefit from it.