Sreesanth was tortured for 16-18 hours a day

The team’s game in IPL has just ended. He was celebrating at the post-match party. But straight from there to jail. He was imprisoned in the cell of tainted criminals. From then on, inhuman torture started. Furthermore, Sreesanth said that he was tortured in prison.

Indian cricketer Sreesanth was tortured 16-18 hours a day in jail. The cricketer, who was convicted of fixing in the IPL, is claiming that. He said that the same treatment was given to the tainted convicts in the jail.

He has been sentenced to six years in prison for fixing in Indian Premier League cricket. And he will be released in just two months. Talking to a cricket website, Sreesanth recalled the difficult times in his prison life. Sreesanth was convicted in September 2013 of playing a match in the Indian Premier League.

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In an interview with CricketTracker, Sreesanth said, “You look at my life, it was just a matter of a few moments.” I was then taken to the post-match party, from there to the terrorist ward. I felt like I was being sacrificed. Later, for 12 days, I was tortured for 16-18 hours a day.

“I was thinking about my family then,” he said in an interview. A few days later, my older brother came to see me. He told me that everyone in the house was okay. The people in my family have given me courage; they have been by my side. It was a difficult time for my family. We could not go as far as the temple. I have had to endure a lot. ‘

Sreesanth, who was convicted of fixing, said he wanted to return to cricket. Even if Sachin Tendulkar scores a century in any match, he will have to start from zero in the next game. Think for 10 seconds before making any decision. You have to know that you will succeed