Steve Smith praises Muhammad Amir and Babar Azam

Steve Smith, the number one batsman in the current Test rankings, has praises, Muhammad Amir and Babar Azam. He chose Mohammad Amir as the most efficient bowler he has tackled. Apart from Aamir, Steve Smith also praises Babar Azam, one of the best batsmen in Pakistan.

In response to a question on social media Instagram Story, Smith said, ‘Mohammad Amir, I think he is the most skilled bowler. Among those, I have dealt with so far. ‘

Earlier, after the 2016 Champions Trophy, Virat Kohli made similar comments about the Pakistani left-arm pacer. The Indian captain then said, “It seems to be the most challenging thing to deal with Mohammad Amir in recent times. He’s probably the best two or three number one bowler and one of the toughest in my game. If you want to play against him, you don’t have to be well-prepared, or he will get hurt. ‘

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Aussie star Smith praises Amir and Babar Azam, who is currently performing well for Pakistan. The 25-year-old right-handed batsman has an ODI and T20 average of over 50 and a Test average of around 50. “He’s a pretty good player,” Smith said of Babur. He seems to have a lot of time on his hands when he bats. ‘

Former Australian cricketer Brad Hogg recently picked up his current ODI XI. Where Babur includes Azam and calls him ‘Magic Man’. Hogg said, ‘I couldn’t find a pure batsman to play at number four. So I decided to take on another number three batsman. He plays in a green (Pakistan) jersey and calls him ‘Magic Man’. He is Babar Azam. ‘