Suresh Raina called the Chennai owner and apologized for the mistake

Suresh Raina called the Chennai owner and apologized for the mistake

Chennai Super Kings (CSK) captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s teammate Suresh Raina returned home from the UAE angry that he could not get a room with a balcony in the hotel. N Srinivasan, the owner of the franchise, is disappointed that Raina returned to India from Dubai without playing in the IPL.

Expressing frustration over Raina’s return to the country late last month, Srinivas said the cricketers are bigger than themselves but the Chennai Super Kings are like a family. Everyone gets along well with everyone. My point is very clear if someone does not want to go back to the country. We will not force anyone. In fact, success sometimes turns one’s head.

Suresh Raina, angry over a trivial matter, returned to the country and realized his mistake. That’s why Suresh Raina called the franchise owner and apologized for his mistake. Now, if captain Dhoni and the team management of Chennai want, Raina will get a chance to play in the IPL.

An official of the Chennai Super Kings told Inside Sports that Raina was removed from CSK’s WhatsApp group shortly after returning to the country. After that, Raina contacted the team management, CEO, Dhoni, and coach Fleming and expressed his desire to return to the IPL.

“I have to understand the scope of my limits, we own a team, we run a franchise,” he added. However, we have no authority to manage the cricketers. Besides, I am not the captain of the team. The best captain of all time is us. So why should I sniff about cricket?

CSK CEO Kashi Vishwanathan said he had instructed the team management to look for someone other than Suresh Raina. However, no one has been taken yet. The fate of Raina of Chennai Super Kings depends on Dhoni. Raina can return to the IPL if the former Indian successful captain wants. Otherwise, he would have passed away from the family of Chennai Super Kings.