Suresh Raina left IPL due to corona

Suresh Raina left IPL 2020 due to corona

Earlier on Saturday, the Chennai Super Kings all-rounder Suresh Raina left the IPL 2020 for India in a hurry. He suddenly announced this decision. But why? It is learned that Suresh Raina left IPL 2020 due to corona as he is scared of the way the coronavirus has attacked the Chennai Super Kings camp. He is worried about his children, four-year-old Gracia, and five-month-old Rio.

“Nothing is more important than a child,” the Indian left-arm batsman told Daily Jagran. It is clear from his words that one of the best cricketers of the tournament has left the IPL thinking that there is a possibility of putting the children at risk if he is attacked while playing outside in Corona.

Among them are cricketers like Deepak Chahar and Rituraj Gaikwad. It is rumored that Raina did not think it was right to stay in Dubai because of the Corona infection rate.