Tendulkar wants rules like tennis in cricket reviews

Umpiring is the focus of discussion in the ongoing Southampton Test between hosts England and the visiting West Indies. Several of the onfield umpire’s decisions have changed since the review upon which Sachin Tendulkar wants rules like tennis in cricket reviews.

This is the first international series after Corona. From were some new rules of ICC (International Cricket Council) have come into force. The number of reviews has increased, there are no neutral umpires due to travel bans.

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Indian legend Sachin Tendulkar has welcomed the ACCC’s decision to increase the number of reviews. Tendulkar made the remarks in response to a question from Brian Lara, the son-in-law of the record.

However, Sachin has objections to the ICC’s review system. According to the rules, if the umpire gives out, if the review shows that the ball has touched less than 50 percent of the stumps, then it remains out. In the same way, if the umpire does not give out, then even if the fielding side reviews it, it will not be out.

According to Sachin Tendulkar, he wants rules like tennis in cricket reviews. If the ball hits the stumps a little, then Sachin is in favor of giving it out.