The India-Pakistan series will be the cause of terrible atmosphere

The India-Pakistan series will be the cause of terrible atmosphere

Pakistan’s World Cup-winning captain and current Prime Minister Imran Khan have said that an India-Pakistan bilateral series in the near future will be the cause for creating a terrible atmosphere. Speaking in a Sky Sports documentary, the former Pakistan captain, who was also the patron of the cricket board, said there was no favourable situation to host the series now.

Imran Khan said, “I think playing cricket with India in this environment, with their current government in power, I would say playing a bilateral series would be a terrible environment.”

India-Pakistan has not had a bilateral series for a long time due to political instability between the two countries. Political strife is so rampant that they do not want to face any global event. But in recent times, a number of former cricketers say cricket fans are flocking to watch the bilateral series between the two teams. However, both the boards have made it clear that an India-Pakistan bilateral series is not possible in the near future.

India and Pakistan have not played a bilateral Test since 2008 after an unfortunate incident in Mumbai. On the other hand, in 2012, the two teams played the last bilateral series of the white ball. Pakistan visited India during the winter season.

Imran Khan, the 1992 World Cup-winning captain, said he visited India twice in 1979 and 1986. The then Prime Minister of Pakistan says that the environment was much better than it is now.

The former Pakistan captain added, “They had a lot of spectators and the government also wanted to reduce the distance and get closer. Which means the atmosphere in field cricket was great and the spectators also welcomed the two teams to watch good cricket.

Explaining the importance of keeping the India-Pakistan bilateral series ahead of the Ashes, Imran Khan said, “I think the Ashes have a clear significance. However, nothing can match the India-Pakistan bilateral series. Because it is played in a different environment which is full of excitement, stress and enjoyment.