The LLC Company Filed a Case Against Pakistan and NAB

The LLC Company Filed a Case Against Pakistan and NAB

The LLC company filed a case against Pakistan and NAB for the recovery of the debt. They also got the verdict of that case. The court ordered the confiscation of all the assets of the Pakistan national cricket team. However, the LLC did not take any action at that time, but this time they are eager to take action during the Pakistan team’s tour.

Broadsheet LLC said, ‘The Pakistan team is now in Britain. Preparing for the Test against England. The property of the party may be confiscated for non-payment of arrears. Not only that, the Pak embassy building in London and the High Commissioner’s house are also being considered for confiscation. The Roosevelt Hotel in New York is also targeted by the company.

In such an incident, the visiting Pakistan team is in a lot of trouble. The British company has left the Pakistan team in quarantine in disarray before entering the field in white

Pakistan’s team is touring England. The two-team Test series will start in a couple of days. Before that, the Pakistan cricket team is facing a big punishment. The British company has become vocal in the incident of fraud 20 years ago. They will confiscate all the assets of the Pakistan cricket team.

According to international media reports, the British company Broadsheet LLC received more than ৩ 33 million from Pakistan. The company owes a huge amount to the government and the National Accountability Bureau (NAB).

Almost 20 years ago, in 2000, several Pakistani government officials, including Nawaz Sharif’s family, were accused of corruption. Broadsheet LLC was tasked with the investigation. But the company has not yet received the remuneration for that work.

The Pakistan team is now on a tour of England. At that time, the company demanded payment of their arrears. Otherwise, they will sell the property of the Pakistan cricket team, the establishment of the Pakistan High Commission there and a hotel to Pakistanis in New York. To this end, the British company sent a letter to the Pakistan Council, Allen & Overy. But they did not receive any reply to this letter.