The rest of the PSL 5 matches is going to be suspended

The rest of the PSL 5 matches is going to be suspended

According to close sources and Pakistani media reports, the rest of the PSL 5 matches is going to be suspended. Their report further states that the franchisees have already received a clear message. Meanwhile, PCB president Ehsan Mani has made it clear that the rest of the matches are not being held in the UAE.

The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) had planned to start again after the last matches of the fifth edition of the Pakistan Super League (PSL) were postponed due to corona. However, the rest of the PSL is unlikely to field as foreign cricketers are not available and revenue is not as expected. The PCB will decide in September.

The tournament committee postponed the tournament before the start of the playoffs in mid-March due to an increase in corona outbreaks since early March. The PCB had planned to hold the rest of the PSL in November-December this year as the outbreak of corona became somewhat tolerable. However, it is not taking shape in reality.

Due to the agreement with the broadcasters, the entire tournament will have to be held in Pakistan. However, as the Corona situation in Pakistan is not favourable, the possibility of hosting it in Pakistan is very slim. The PCB is going to sit down to discuss the organization of the sixth event even if the fifth event is not held on the field.

The PCB will receive financial guarantees for the sixth edition from the franchisees in August. Besides, the two sides will decide on organizing the remaining matches of the fifth edition. If the PCB cancels the remaining matches before receiving the fee, there will be complications and financial loss.

Determining the champion will be a big issue if the rest of the matches of the tournament are cancelled. However, the PCB wants to determine the champion by discussing with the franchisees. And if the event is cancelled, Multan Sultan, who is at the top of the points table at the end of the group stage, can be the champion.