Ticket sales for the India vs Australia 2020 series are in full swing

Ticket sales for India vs Australia 2020 series are in full swing

The Cricket Board of Australia has launched online ticket sales for India vs Australia 2020 Series with the aim of keeping the number of fans for the first ODI at 50%. About 95 percent of the tickets for the first ODI have been sold out. Otherwise, tickets for the remaining ODIs and 3D20 matches are sold out in just 24 hours. No announcement has been made yet about ticket sales for the Test matches.

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Ticket sales for this series are conditional on security. This means that cricket fans from abroad do not have tickets. Perhaps next year the IPL series will definitely take place in India if the tactic for cricket matches allows fans to succeed. And it looks like fans will be allowed in this IPL series.

The BCCI is currently working on this. This is because next year’s series is just a few months away. Earlier in 2018, when the Indian team played in Australia, they won the first Test series in a historic manner.

The Indian team is currently in Australia preparing for a very long series. For this, 32 Indian players including three teams have gone for this Australian series. Subsequent series is to be held as Test, T20, and ODI. The one-day series is set to start on November 27. The Cricket Board of Australia has decided to allow fans a little bit after the virus has hit for the first time as cricket matches have so far been held around the world without fans.