Top 10 Mini-Series of 2020 | Best Miniseries Released in 2020

Top 10 Best Mini-Series Released in 2020 You need to watch

The Queen’s Gambit, Normal People, Little Fires Everywhere, among others, have in common? They are undoubtedly on the list of best miniseries of 2020. Limited productions, built for just one season, have their charm due to the quickness of storytelling. In addition, they use strategies that sometimes a common series from several seasons cannot. With that in mind, we have separated the best titles shown in 2020.

Best Miniseries Released in 2020


1 – Little Fires Everywhere (Amazon)

One of the most talked-about miniseries of 2020, without a doubt, was Little Fires Everywhere. Inspired by the book Small Fires Everywhere, Hulu’s production arrived in Brazil through Amazon Prime.

Thus, the story, starring Kerry Washington and Reese Witherspoon, talks about racism, social inequality, as well as the privileges used by the rich to achieve their goals. In addition, it brings an intriguing mystery, in the style “who committed the crime?”. So it’s worth checking out!

2 – Normal People (Starzplay)

A pleasant surprise of the year was the miniseries Normal People, which arrived in Brazil through Starzplay. Emmy nominated, the series has a very dense text to portray the life of Cornell (Paul Mescal) and Marianne (Daisy Edgar-Jones).

From when they met at school, then living in a hidden relationship until they arrived at college and met again. In addition, the series also addresses abuse, internal complexes, anxiety, as well as other important topics.

3 – Nothing Orthodox (Netflix)

Another Emmy-nominated series, Nada Orthodox (Unorthodox) has become a darling of Netflix fans. Thus, when telling a real story, it shows Esther’s trajectory, lived incredibly by Emmy nominee Shira Hass.

She, a Jewess, wanted to escape an arranged marriage and, therefore, flees from Brooklyn to Berlin. There, then, she begins to experience a life that, possibly, she would not have if she followed her family traditions and wishes.

4 – Self Made (Netflix)

Known in Brazil as “ The life of Madam CJ Walker “, the Netflix miniseries brought Octavia Spencer into a powerful role. In the series, she plays Madam CJ Walker who, in real life, was the first female millionaire in the United States, who built her empire on her own. Black and without financial means, she started a hair cosmetics business from scratch and then made a fortune.

5 – The Undoing (HBO)

An HBO production, The Undoing repeated the Big Little Lies one-two, with Nicole Kidman acting and David E. Kelly in the creation and script. In the same way, the series uses the formula of “who killed”, but brings new airs to the genre.

Kidman plays a psychologist who sees her perfect life going down the drain when she discovers her husband’s betrayal. However, things get even worse when he is accused of killing his own lover.

6 – I know this mutch is true (HBO)

I know this mutch is true is one of the densest miniseries of 2020. Therefore, it is not recommended to be watched by anyone, who is in a state of psychological distress. Even so, it is among one of the best productions of the year.

In addition, he gave Mark Ruffalo the award for Best Actor. In the story, he plays a divorced painter who needs to take care of his twin, after this – schizophrenic – has an attack and cuts off his own hand.

7 – Hollywood (Netflix)

One of Ryan Murphy’s productions for Netflix, the series aims to portray the golden age of Hollywood in the 1940s. However, it shows an optimistic and dreamy vision, when imagining a version in which racial and sexual prejudice does not stand out. to the talents of these stars.

8 – The Queen’s Gambit (Netflix)

Without a doubt, Queen’s Gambit was one of the most talked-about productions in 2020. Netflix miniseries, starring Anya Taylor Joy, the series addresses the trajectory of a chess player while dealing with personal issues and addiction to drugs and alcohol. In addition, the extremely neat production drew attention and made the audience interested in a game as underrated as chess.

9 – The Flight Attendant (HBO)

The Flight Attendant was an HBO production shown only in the United States on HBO Max streaming. Here in Brazil, it will only arrive in 2021. However, it is worth joining our list. Starring Kaley Cuoco of The Big Bang Theory, the series puts the actress playing a flight attendant who must deal with a murder in which she becomes the prime suspect.

The only problem, as we watch, is that she doesn’t remember anything about the night of the crime. However, the production is intriguing and engaging, worth the marathon.

10 – Lovecraft Country (HBO)

To close the list, we bring Lovecraft Country – which for now has been sold as a miniseries, but we would love to see it return for a second season. Produced by HBO, the series takes place in the 1950s and addresses a mystical and powerful universe, while putting the protagonists – all black – living adventures while exploring the southern United States, under strong racial segregation.