Top 5 Players who have been Wasted in the Highest Bidder in the IPL 2020

Top 5 Players who have been Wasted in the Highest Bidder in the IPL 2020

This year’s IPL series was held in the United Arab Emirates. Many crores of rupees were given and a few players were taken away when the auction was held thinking it would take place in India. Many of the players so taken were not greatly sober. We will now look at such players who do not dance to their merits. Here below is the list of the top 5 players who have been wasted on the highest bidder in IPL 2020.

1. Andre Russell (Kolkata):

An action player of the Kolkata team, he has been showing his incredible consistency for the last few years. But the much-anticipated he has not scored big this year IPL and has not dropped a wicket.

2. Glenn Maxwell (Punjab):

Taken for Rs 10.74 crore for Punjab, he had scored 500 runs in 2014 alone. Didn’t dance big after that. He has played in 11 matches of IPL this year and has scored only a whopping 108 runs.

3. Kedar Jadhav (Chennai):

Chennai team was auctioned for Rs 7.8 crore in 2018. This year it is not dancing, to say the least. It is noteworthy that he has lost his place not only in this series but also in the Indian team.

4. Shelton Cottrell (Kings XI Punjab):

Kings XI Punjab has been bid for Rs 8.5 crore. Shelton Cottrell is a left-arm fast bowler who has taken just 6 wickets in 6 matches.

5. Nathan Gulder Nile (Mumbai):

He was picked by the Mumbai Indians for Rs 8 crore in the IPL 2020 auction. He was out of the team due to injury and has since taken 5 wickets in 7 matches.