Two Captains in two formats would not work in India

Two Captains in two formats would not work in India, says Kapil Dev 

The current captain of India, Virat Kohli, has not had much success in colorful attire so far. There has never been any major criticism of his captaincy. However, in the Indian Premier League (IPL), Royal Challengers Bangalore could not win the title and Kohli had to face criticism.

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On the other hand, opener Rohit Sharma came into the discussion after winning the IPL title five times. Many claims that the responsibility of captaincy in white-ball cricket should be placed on his shoulders. The discussion intensified after Rohit won the fifth title for the Mumbai Indians this year.

Kapil Dev, India’s World Cup-winning captain, however, thinks that giving two captains in two formats would not work in India. If Virat Kohli continues to play T20 cricket, he is in favor of keeping him as the captain.

” It doesn’t work that way in our culture,” Kapil said. Can a company have two chief executives? If Kohli continues to play T20, then he is good enough. Let him stay. Although I want others to come forward, the task is difficult. ”

Although the formats are different, most of the cricketers remain the same in both formats. That is why having different captains in the two formats can be confusing for cricketers, Kapil said.

He added, ” Even though the versions are different, 60 percent or 80 percent of our cricketers are the same. Cricketers do not like different theories of different captains. Cricketers who rely on the captain may be confused. Many may think he is our Test captain, he can’t be bothered. “