UAE is looking to fill 30 to 50% of the stadiums for IPL 2020

UAE is looking to fill 30 to 50% of the stadiums for IPL 2020

Mubashshir Usmani, the Secretary-General of the Emirates Cricket Board, has confirmed that the UAE board is looking to fill 30 to 50% of the stadiums for IPL 2020 to be held in the UAE. Usmani played down security concerns, adding that the IPL will significantly boost the UAE’s economy.

With Covid-19 cases out of control in India, BCCI reached an agreement earlier this month with the Emirates Cricket Board (BCE) to host the 13th edition of the Indian Premier League (IPL) in the UAE. While the future of the IPL initially depended on a thin thread, tournament president Brijesh Patel confirmed after the cancellation of the World T20 that the T20 extravaganza will take place during the WT20 window in the UAE.

Now that the BCCI and the ECB are one step away from finalizing IPL hosting in the UAE, who are awaiting permission from the Indian government, the secretary-general of the Emirates Cricket Board, Mubashshir Usmani, has claimed that the Together, in fact, he would be looking to fill 30 to 50% of the stadiums with crowds during the tournament. Usmani added that such a scenario could come to fruition if the UAE government gives its approval.

“We definitely want our people to experience this prestigious event, but it is entirely a government decision. For most of the events here, the number varies from thirty to 50 percent capacity, we are seeing a similar number, ”Usmani told PTI.

“We hope to get our government’s approval on that.”

The news of the Dubai Rugby Sevens 2020 event was canceled because Covid-19 invoked panic among many, but Usmani downplayed any safety concerns and said that the situation is completely under control when the IPL call. The ECB secretary praised the UAE government for its role in bringing down the Covid-19 cases in the country. The UAE as of this moment has 6,246 active cases of Covid-19 in its name.

“The UAE government has been very efficient in reducing the number of cases. We are almost living a normal life with certain rules and protocols to follow. And with the IPL still at some point, we will be in an even better place than it is now.”

Usmani also assured that there would be no problems organizing the mega tournament and pointed out the UAE Board’s handling of the World T20 qualifiers in 2019 as an example of the same. The Secretary-General of the Emirates Board also admitted that the IPL that will take place in the UAE will be a great boost for the country’s economy.

“The United Arab Emirates has been blessed with the support of private infrastructure. We are capable of holding such events and have done so before. Last year, we organized the qualifier for the T20 World Cup which had 14 teams. Last time too, it contributed significantly to the UAE economy. With the tournament complete this time, it will be a much bigger boost. ”