VALORANT Server Replacement Method

How to change Valorant Server to play games in your favorite servers 

The strategic shooter, released by Riot Games, debuted in the summer of 2020 and garnered a large audience. The development of the game continues unabated, with new features added with constant updates. Server switching, one of these features, was added to VALORANT in the past patches. Thanks to this newly added feature, we can choose the server we will connect to, and adjust the players coming to our game and our ping value more or less. Although we cannot change the server we are in with the country changing feature in VALORANT, we can usually play on the server we want. We shared with you how you can perform VALORANT server replacement.

VALORANT server replacement method

  • Click on “Play”
  • Choose the game mode you want
  • Click on the green server icon on the top right of your player card
  • Choose what you want from the servers you encounter
  • change valorant country

While you are very likely to play on the server of your choice, Riot Games does not yet guarantee 100% that you can play on the server you want. When choosing the server you want to play, we recommend that you pay attention to the ms value and avoid high ping so that your gaming experience is not affected badly.

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