Home News Virat Kohli got angry when someone talks to his girlfriend

Virat Kohli got angry when someone talks to his girlfriend

Virat Kohli got angry when someone talks to his girlfriend

Virat Kohli is an aggressive character who wants to beat the opponent with the bat as well as lose the battle of words. Sledding is said to be part of a cricket match, which the Indian captain can do quite well. One of the best batsmen accustomed to all this from the beginning of his career. But we have seen very often that Virat Kohli got angry on the field for different reasons. The English cricketer got angry on the field for talking to his ex-girlfriend in 2012. That is what former English cricketer Nick Compton said.

Nick Compton got a taste of bitterness from Virat Kohli in his debut series. The right-handed batsman got into trouble after talking to Kohli’s girlfriend. However, the current Indian captain’s girlfriend told Compton that her relationship with Kohli had come to an end. However, they could not get many advantages from sledding Kohli.

“I had to hear some special words from Virat Kohli during the series,” Nick Compton told the Edge and Sled podcast. I think the conversation with his ex-girlfriend before the series is responsible for this. One evening I, Kevin Pietersen, Yuvraj Singh, was chatting. Kohli’s girlfriend was also there.

‘I just talk to him. The matter reached Virat Kohli, and he was not very happy about it, he got angry. Whenever I went to the crease to bat, he would say something. ‘

Although Kohli called her a lover, the young woman identified herself as Kohli’s ex-girlfriend, ‘I think she tried to say that she was his girlfriend. But the girl said she is Kohli’s ex-girlfriend. It is difficult to understand who was telling the truth.

The 36-year-old former English batsman added, “It was a lot of fun at the time. I think the players, especially the English cricketers, were able to catch it. So we wanted to embarrass him (Kohli) a bit on this issue. But you know he is a world-class performer, and he scored a magnificent century in the last match. And his career is only going to get tough. ‘


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