Virat Kohli urged all players to be vigilant

Virat Kohli urged all players to be vigilant

The 13th edition of the Indian Premier League (IPL) is going to start in the United Arab Emirates from September 19 this year. Cricketers have to follow strict hygiene rules even in a desert country. All the players are in the bio-protection environment. Even then, Royal Challengers Bangalore captain Virat Kohli urged all players to be vigilant.

In a video conference between the Bangalore team staff and players, Kohli advised everyone to follow the rules of hygiene and IPL rules. He said that everyone should respect all the rules in the same way. The whole IPL could end because of a single mistake by anyone. So everyone has to be very careful.

“We have to do what we are told to do,” Kohli said. I would hope that everyone would be equally responsible for maintaining the security of the bio-security environment. There should be no compromise on health security. Because we are going through a difficult time. None of us would want to read the problem. We as a team have to be careful from the first day.

Mike Hesson, New Zealand’s director of operations, said action would be taken against anyone who violated the health rules. He said if the rules are broken, it will be taken seriously. If someone accidentally does something, they will be isolated and allowed to join the team if they fail the Corona test in a few rounds, leaving them in isolation for seven days. However, if someone does something on purpose, the result will be terrible.

Players from various franchises are now in the UAE to play in the IPL. Arriving in Dubai, Kohli-Rohit-Dhoni is currently in quarantine at the team hotel. The cricketers are being taken to the United Arab Emirates after undergoing corona tests at several stages in the country. They will be tested once every five days during the tournament.