Yuvraj Singh defended talented cricketer Shubhman Gill

Yuvraj Singh defended talented cricketer Shubhman Gill

Former India Team Allrounder Yuvraj Singh defended talented cricketer Shubhman Gill, saying that Shubman Gill had a special talent and had never abused anyone. The Punjab Cricket Association has organized a 21-day camp in Chandigarh these days.

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Yuvraj Singh has called the association and is helping young players. Shubman Gill was fined for opposing the referee’s decision. He was said to have abused. Gill’s behavior was later criticized by many veterans. But Yuvraj says that Shubhaman did not abuse anyone.

Gill was fined one hundred percent

Yuvraj said he was in the field at the time. Shubhman did not abuse anyone. He only questioned the referee’s decision. Sometimes all hitters do this. Kapil said Gill is young and hungry to get it right. Recalling his days, he said that when he started playing, he used to have similar things with him. If a player makes a mistake, he also corrects it. Shubhaman has special talent.

Gill was agitated after being delivered

Explain that Gill was furious after Subodh Bhati was defeated in a Ranji match by Delhi vs. Punjab against Delhi, and he refused to leave the fold. I was. Gill was fined 100 percent of the party’s fees for this behavior. Gill was said to not only oppose the referee’s decision but also abused him.