10 Disney Plus Productions You Need to Watch

10 Disney Plus Productions you Haven't Seen but Should Need to Watch

With the launch of Disney Plus, many people rushed to subscribe and, upon entering the platform, discovered a gigantic range of content that is willing to please all audiences. Here below we have enlisted the 10 Disney Plus Productions you haven’t seen yet, but you should need to watch. In this list, we will indicate some unseen Disney + Productions (between series, films, and documentaries) that you probably haven’t seen yet but need to watch.

Disney Plus Productions You Need to Watch Now 

Among the various productions present in the streaming of Disney, there is a lot of nostalgia mixed with original news and also very well-known stamp programs such as Marvel, Pixar, Star Wars, and National Geographic.

1. The History of Imagineering

Filmmaker Leslie Iwerks ventured into the production of this documentary series to take viewers a little behind the scenes at Disney’s success, thus focusing on Walt Disney Imagineering, the company that operates in the design and development business within the company. As the episodes progress, we have several details about the creation of the group’s theme parks.

2. James and the Giant Peach

Animation Movie The Nightmare Before Christmas ( The Nightmare Before Christmas ) can not fail to give James and the Giant Peach. The film, also directed by Henry Selick, was released in 1996 and based on the stories of Roald Dahl, famous in the children’s universe for The Fantastic Chocolate Factory and Matilda. Without a doubt, a great choice to be moved, entertained, and delighted.

3. Honey, I Shrunk the Children

Focused on nostalgia, in the Disney streaming catalog there is the classic eighteenth Darling, I Shrunk the Kids. Directed by Joe Johnston, the film tells the story of a father who has several inventions on his resume and who accidentally leaves his children the size of an ant. All of them now need to find a solution to the problem, facing a real adventure in the home garden.

4. Bao

Many say that Pixar has the gift of making its audience cry, and with Bao, it is no different. His animated short film is delicately profound and brings a very fun and exciting story in a few minutes.

The plot approaches a Chinese mother who, moved by the departure of her son, ends up becoming fond of one of her dumplings. However, things need to continue with their cycle and this is perhaps the biggest lesson left by the writers.

5. Cosmos: Possible Worlds

The documentary series presents, throughout its episodes, a true adventure for all times of humanity, showing several secrets being revealed by Science. The origin of life, human evolution, the geniuses that transformed history, and interstellar travel are not left out.

6. The Pixar Story

In this film, the audience gets even closer to the producer of such well-known animations. In it, we see the backstage of this company so innovative that it was even a pioneer in several creative aspects, and that has been improving more and more in a new generation of filmmakers and animators.

7. Tron: an Electronic Odyssey

Speaking of technological innovation, we cannot fail to recommend the classic Tron: an Electronic Odyssey, which became known for being one of the first films to think about the issue of computer graphics. As much as the visual effects seem dated today, it is worth knowing where many things came from.

8. Free Solo

Oscar winner for Best Documentary in 2019, Free Solo was directed by Elizabeth Chai Vasarhelyi and Jimmy Chin. The film delves into the adrenaline of climber Alex Honnold climbing El Capitan. Prepare to be amazed by the narrative and also by the breathtaking sequences that have been proposed.

9. The Mandalorian

Anyone who watched The Mandalorian series and liked everything they saw – or at least had fun with the new Star Wars characters – can’t help but check out the documentary series behind the scenes of the production.

In eight episodes, we see, through interviews, how everything was conceived. Divided into specific areas, we have a real lesson on how the work process of these producers works.

10. Happy Holidays Collection

Finally, an entire collection is specially prepared for subscribers. In the “Explore” tab of Disney+, there are many works to be truly explored. With a kind of curatorship, streaming compiles its contents by themes and suggests complete entertainment.

The Happy Holidays Collection has series, miniseries, films, and animations, among other fascinating productions that involve the Christmas atmosphere.

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