PTV Home Live Streaming

PTV Home Live Streaming

PTV Home Live Streaming is a well-restored channel that can be viewed 24 hours a day through antenna sets, on the dish, as well as on cable networks with family & Friends. Pakistan Television PTV Home Live Streaming truly portrays Pakistan. PTV Home is a sister channel of PTV Network that telecasts Drama serials, Morning shows, and entertainment shows live in Pakistan.

PTV Home Live Streaming TV Channel

PTV Home’s parent channel is PTV, which was launched through the same platform as Pakistan TV Corporation, like many other channels. It has all the essential qualities of PTV itself, and that’s why its history and background are no different from PTV itself.

Pakistan TV is unique from other channels because it covers a wide range of different programs, a full family channel, and all kinds of things that can easily be accessed via the PTV live channel. It can be seen not only in Pakistan but also in different parts of this vast world via satellite.

The TV channel allows us to entertain ourselves with old dramas that have long been broadcast in the time of our fathers and grandfathers. Someone can upload, watch, or watch any episode, or any particular drama scene when needed.

Not only that, but also PTV Home Live online allows us to see interviews and life-based documentaries of old stars, and legendary characters whether alive or dead, famous or not yet required, one can get. PTV Global Live is another Pakistani Television network that aims to broadcast the latest news globally in English.

Channel Information

Pakistani TELEVISION is a leading channel in the history of broadcasting in Pakistan. On November 26, 1964, for the first time in The History of Pakistan, live television broadcasts were broadcast live in black and white from Lahore by an international organization, NEC (National Commission for Education), licensed by the Government of Pakistan.

Since then, Pakistan TV has been offering various live and pre-recorded programs. The audience was not comfortable with live tv and other live shows, and people were pleased that they were able to get football updates for cricket matches organized in different parts of the world just by moving on to television broadcasting Direct. Live streaming.

Pakistan Television Academy

PTV has also established a training academy to guide beginners. To inform them about the basic techniques and conventional ways of working in the media. The Pakistan Television Academy is headed by fully experienced and multi-skilled actors in Pakistan’s entertainment industry. This academy is equipped with all the necessary things to ensure efficient production.

Therefore, PTV Sports Live is also proud to receive numerous awards and honor international values on various occasions and is not only a source of entertainment and knowledge but also recognizes people about social problems, current issues, and the country’s political scenario.

PTV Corporation as Ambassador

It also represents Pakistan before the entire world. Through it, people learn about the current conditions in Pakistan. They’re using it to find out about Pakistan. Beauty also enhances the sense of entertainment that Pakistan is like paradise; People who live far away see this and these Pakistani tourists then come responsible for increasing Pakistan’s GDP.

Commercials and Public Relations

PTV home is used for marketing the products of various national and multinational companies that play directly or indirectly to increase Pakistan’s GDP. Its commercials have also become a source of employment for many people. PTV is also one of the best platforms to inform the public of some disasters or devastation. One can campaign about something. Fake scandals and propaganda can also be eliminated by telling the real story.

PTV Home Awards

The Live PTV Awards have presented there where the country’s brilliant stars are awarded because of their skills and talent. These programs are organized at the national or international level or can only be watched by playing television sets through live television.

Everything was in one package or already complete. At first, the TVs were not very common. They were only present in commercial places such as restaurants, hotels, or in the home of the rich only. It has been noted that children and women in the entire region are accustomed to gathering at someone’s house to watch dramas and films broadcast on Pakistani television.

To take an examination on the cast, the timing of the broadcast. To educate people on our local trends and not to broadcast anything that conflicts with religious, national, or political issues, they are provided with all the requirements. Multi-skilled team members were genuinely responsible for PTV’s deep roots in Pakistan.

This channel is highly watched compared to other terrestrial and cable channels in Pakistan. PTV Home is very popular among the middle- and low-class Pakistani community, especially among those who still have only antenna networks.

Millions of people are regular viewers of the PTV house. PTV is headquartered in Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan. Mr. Paige Mirza, Managing Director of PTV, has their own opinions on the subject as follows:

Change is the essence of life, and movement is the living guide. When we say we’re changing, it means we’re getting closer to what your heart wants, more open than ever to embracing your ever-changing likes and loved ones.

We are moving in an inseparable direction from our traditions and roots, from which a deep sense of responsibility and patriotism stems from the consideration of what is attached to your heart. We use our expertise and vision, guided by your wisdom, to bring news, information, entertainment, and entertainment to where you belong.

Morning Shows

PTV Home broadcasts many mornings shows Just like Mina Bazaar hosted by Aisha Sana for an extended time. The exhibition consists of many sectors such as cooking, makeup, exercise, fashion, floral art, Islamic discussion, direct participation, and chatting with celebrities.

Then there was a program called “Sabah with Noor,” which was anchored by the well-known Pakistani film star Noor. This exhibition also had qualities such as official morning shows.

These days, PTV broadcasts a morning program called “Morning with JUGGAN,” hosted by Juggun Kazmi, which consists of cooking and discussion of people who have found fame in the community.

Plays & Dramas:

There’s a high PTV Home drama Live that also has affected our lives. Many of them are still in our good memory, and many are in the production and indifferent production stages. The most important are listed below:

  • Ghar
  • Khalida ki walida
  • Ankh bharaÐ’ asman
  • Talafi
  • Mannat
  • Badalta hay rung
  • Koi mere dil say Pooche
  • Bay imaan
  • Sayan ve
  • Chalo phir say je ke dekhain
  • Takmeel
  • Sehaliyan
  • Ek doojey ke liay
  • Bahanay tere
  • Pain killer
  • Samjhota Express
  • Dagh e Nadamt
  • Heer Ranjha

Samjhota Express

This drama series is based on a notorious Indo-Pakistani incident. Samagota Express was a weekly train between India and Pakistan that became the victim of a terrorist attack. This drama series was produced by Ali Tahir and written by Naeem Tahir. Naeem Tahir, Noman Ijaz, Zeba Bakhtiar, and Farhan Ali Agha, viewers can get better information on the subject through the PTV website.

Heer Ranjha

This drama series is based on our story Luke. It depicts the historical view of civilization outside. Shahid Zohr directs this drama series. The author of this drama is Ahmed Aqeel Ruby. The film consists of Zaria Bout, Ahsan Khan, Shafqat Chima, and Suhail Samir.

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