5 Best Arabic Kohl to Buy

5 Best Arabic Khol to Buy in 2021 What is Arabic Kohl and Its Benefits

Although it has been used for centuries in the Middle East and South Asia, kohl is one of the most significant cosmetics there. Discover the best-selling Arabic Kohl (Kajol) that are worth buying.

It was only recently that Kohl started to gain popularity in the West. Arabic Kohl’s appeal has been growing for several reasons, including the advantages it offers to makeup and how simple it is to apply.

In ancient times, kohl was only used as a powder and applied with a stick, either with a little water or oils or on its own. Currently, there are many presentations of the product, for example, in compact powder or pencil. 

This last presentation is the most comfortable and popular, as the powder usually stains the cheeks if you do not know how to put it well.

Best Arabic Kohl (Kajol)

Despite this, many people still do not know what Arabic Kohl is or have various doubts about it. If you are one of them, don’t worry, because this article was made to help you solve all your doubts.

1. Bourjois Kohl & Contour Eye Pencil

Bourjois Kohl & Contour Eye Pencil

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The Bourjois Kohl & Contour comes in different colors, facilitating their integration into the various types of makeup. Its texture is smooth and creamy, this facilitates its application and prolongs its duration throughout the day. It is suitable for use with contact lenses.

2. Max Factor Kohl Pencil

Max Factor Kohl Pencil

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This presentation of kohl includes the color white, which makes it ideal for widening the eye or marking lines of light. The white  Max Factor Kohl Pencil is made of very soft materials, so it does not hurt the waterline or the skin.

3. Clarins Crayon Kohl

Clarins Crayon Kohl

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This brand is the most similar to the original Arabic kohl, as, in addition to having an easy-to-apply consistency, it has the original blackness. Due to its pencil tip,  Clarins Crayon Kohl can be used both as an eyeliner and kohl, as it includes a sponge applicator in one tip.

4. Sisley Phyto-Kohl Star Waterproof Sparkling

Sisley Phyto-Kohl Star Waterproof Sparkling

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The advantage of this kohl pencil is that it is automatic and includes an integrated pencil sharpener in its presentation, making it easier to use. 

The Sisley Phyto-Kohl Star Waterproof Sparkling is waterproof, so it doesn’t matter if you sweat or cry; does not irritate the eyes. This kohl pencil is enriched with organic vitamin E, rosehip oil, and bisabolol.

5. Sisley Phyto Kohl Perfect

Sisley Phyto Kohl Perfect

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One advantage of the Sisley Phyto Khol Perfect brand is that it handles various kohl colors in addition to the traditional black. Like, for example, this navy blue color, in addition to highlighting the eyes, makes the natural color of the iris look more intense.

Its consistency is very smooth and it has been ophthalmologically tested, so it is safe to use for delicate people. This presentation includes a sponge applicator at one end.

What is Kohl and What is it Used For?

Kohl is a cosmetic powder originally composed of a mineral called galena. This mineral belongs to the group of sulfides and is derived from lead. The green version of kohl in ancient times was made from malachite, an emerald-green mineral derived from copper.

Currently, kohl is made up of other more harmless minerals, such as amorphous carbon dust, a form of soot of harmless plant origin and great intensity in its black color. 

Natural oils and resins are added to this vegetable soot base made from fruit seeds and special woods, which will give it a pasty or more liquid consistency depending on the presentation.

The Moroccan Kohl is one of the oldest cosmetics in history and data of its traditional use can be found from the Bronze Age (3500 BC). At first, various civilizations used it as an ideal ointment to protect the eyes due to its bactericidal properties; one of those civilizations was the Egyptian.

Since ancient times, it has been customary to apply it to the eyelids to darken them and thus avoid damage caused by sunlight. In some places, Arabic Kohl was not only used to beautify the face or prevent damage to the eyes but also as a measure of protection against the evil eye and other types of magic.

What are the differences and similarities between Kohl and Kajal?

Kohl is the original product, from this other cosmetics are derived for eyeliner, such as Kajal. Etymologically, the word kajal comes from the Hispanic Arabic Kohl which in turn comes from the Arabic kohl. That is why one speaks of one and the other without distinction.

So, we would be talking about the same product, but with time and its arrival in other countries, its composition has changed. For this reason, some people now call the most consistent and firmer eyeliners kajal, mainly those of Indian origin.

The similarities between Kohland Kajal are so many that in most stores one and the other are sold interchangeably. Only in some specialized stores is a differentiation made according to the firmness of the product.

What are the benefits of using Arabic Kohl in makeup?

Since its inception, kohl has been considered more of a medicinal powder or ointment, mainly because it provides extra protection to the eyes in the desert. 

In addition, it protected against infections by having bactericidal properties both due to its silver content in lead sulfate and because of the copper content in green kohl.

Currently, Moroccan kohl contains soot and other lead-free minerals, and the properties of these ingredients help maintain a healthy look. Charcoal neutralizes certain bacteria and certain toxins, which is why it is still used in many branches of medicine.

Another advantage of using kohl in makeup is that it lasts a long time and gives a very different and exotic finish. By applying the powder within the waterline of the eyes, it brings out the white and gives more strength to the look. It is natural and yields much more than other products.

Final Words

We hope you liked our article and are encouraged to try this incredible makeup. We are sure that you will get a penetrating look for longer.

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