10 Best French Perfume (Brands) For Women

Best French Perfumes (Brands) For Women

The 10 Best French perfume brands for women are fully consistent with this description of French perfume as an indispensable attribute or accessory that is not dead or frozen but living and evolving thanks to the tradition of gradual disclosure.

10 Best French Perfume Brands Every Girl Must Know

1. Lanvin Eclat d’Arpege For Women

A calm nobility of sound lux,ury, and conceptuality characteristic of the French perfumery direction characterizes the fragrances of the fashion brand Lanvin. In 1927, the owner of the brand, with the help of perfumers, created a personal fragrance for her daughter Margaret, which was called Arpege.

Lanvin Eclat d'Arpege For Women

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Eclat d’Arpege was developed in 2002 to match modern perfume etiquette. A gentle, delicate, unobtrusive pyramid with solo lilac is complimentary and universal, suitable for any season and any occasion.

2. Guerlain Shalimar For Women

The French perfume brand Guerlain launched the women’s perfume Shalimar in 1990. According to historians, while exploring the properties of vanilla, Jacques Guerlain put all the amount of this substance he had into a bottle of Jicky in 1889 and got an excellent result.

Guerlain Shalimar For Women

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It is difficult to say how true this version is because the classic Shalimar lacks notes of lavender and rosemary, which were part of Jicky. However, “Lord of the Gardens” (so “Shalimar” is translated from Farsi) has become a real legend. Smoky, sweet skin with citrus undertones and a balsamic accord will long be an example of a high degree of originality in perfume history.

3. Nina by Nina Ricci For Women

The graceful, slightly vintage style of Nina Ricci’s clothing collections, the outrageous femininity, and the romance typical of the fashion house’s products are perfectly reflected in the fragrance, worthy of being included in the top 10 popular French perfumes.

Nina by Nina Ricci For Women

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Launched in 2006, Nina was not an award-winning fragrance, but it still lives up to the canons of the French school of perfumery and demonstrates not so much luxury as understated elegance. At the heart of the composition are notes of apple, citrus, praline, and flowers; nothing extra, nothing defiant. The authors of the masterpiece are Jacques Cavalier and Olivier Cresp.

4. Chloe Eau de Parfum For Women

The FiFi Awards for Best Luxury Women’s Fragrance in 2009 was awarded to French fashion brand Chloe with the same name (2008). The composition of the Eau de Parfum consists of a bouquet of roses and peonies with sour lychee, freesia, magnolia, and lilies of the valley.

Chloe Eau de Parfum For Women

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The sweet, light, sophisticated, and feminine fragrance gives off the purity of the canvas of a snow-white blouse, which is perceived as a sign of aristocratic beauty, restraint, and hidden sexuality. Without it, the list of the best French fragrances would not be complete.

5. Kenzo Flower Eau de Parfum For Women

The founder of the French fashion brand Kenzo is the Japanese designer Kenzo Takada, who moved to Paris to develop his business and ideas. In 2000, the world-famous perfumer Alberto Morillas developed the Flower by Kenzo fragrance for the brand.

Kenzo Flower Eau de Parfum For Women

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It was named Best Women’s Luxury Perfume in 2002 by the FiFi Awards. Floral and sweet at the start, it transitions to a powdery-pomade finish in the heart notes. Deep and sillage, the perfume also attracts with a pretty bottle in the form of a flower, and it has also received a prestigious award for its packaging.

6. Christian Dior Poison For Women

The traditional weapons of women have always been beauty and Poison. The Christian Dior fashion house armed all the women of Europe, setting a high bar for outfits and images. In 1985, he proposed an olfactory interpretation of female Poison, which does not kill but, mixed with the skin and absorbed into the blood, causes bliss and euphoria, enhancing the brightness of sensations from life.

Christian Dior Poison For Women

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The seduction of Poison begins with thick, smoky honey notes of plum and tuberose, which are gradually woven into berries, spices, jasmine and rose flowers, and vanilla. For this richness and layering, in 1987, the fragrance was awarded the FiFi Awards in the nomination for the Best Luxury Fragrance for Women.

7. Chanel No. 5 For Women

Chanel No. 5 is truly a legendary fragrance. Many people know his story. In 1921, perfumer Ernest Beaux, at the request of Gabrielle Chanel herself, proposed several compositions that would not smell like a flower bed but like a real woman.

Chanel No 5 For Women

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Compound compositions included aldehydes, which had previously been little used in perfumery. Chanel chose option number 5, and this number was left in the name of the perfume, which, according to the fashion designer, brought good luck.

It can be argued that Chanel No. 5 was the most popular French perfume in the USSR, and it remains the most coveted perfume brand for modern women. The composition of bright aldehydes, powdery sandalwood, and jasmine-pink bouquet in an ideal and unique proportion has gone through several editions and remains relevant to this day.

8. Lancome Climat Parfum For Women

The transparent and cold fragrance Climat was launched by the perfumery and cosmetics company Lancome in 1967. This famous French perfume of the 20th century was developed by the rules of the Lancome company, which its founder Armand Ptijant formulated: a quality composition, a perfect bottle, and a reasonable price.

Lancome Climat Parfum For Women

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The popularity of Climat in the USSR was facilitated by an episode of the cult comedy “The Irony of Fate, or Enjoy Your Bath!” in which the heroine of Barbara Brylska was presented with a bottle of these particular perfumes.

The beauty of the fragrance is that instead of hackneyed florals, it collapses with bitter chrysanthemum-lily of the valley greenery, in which you can also hear daffodils, violet, rosemary – a sort of tropical downpour in a blooming garden.

9. Opium Yves Saint Laurent For Women

The history of Opium perfume (1977) began with a collection of clothes released by the Yves Saint Laurent brand under the name “Chinese” and consisting of oriental-cut outfits made of expensive taffeta and velvet with gold embroidery.


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Saint Laurent understood the provocative nature of the name “Opium”; sales of the fragrance in the year of release later caused understandable difficulties. Advertising images of the fragrance were on the verge of permitted and sometimes went beyond the permitted boundaries, but the composition itself gave what they promised: languor, bliss, ecstasy, oriental magic, and exoticism, which were based on frankincense, spices, myrrh. This is a fragrance for strong ladies with good taste.

10. Thierry Mugler Angel For Women

And rounds out our top fragrance from 1992, Angel. It was the debut perfume of the brand Thierry Mugler, and it is notable for the fact that being a sweet gourmand, it appeared at a time when the fashion for sexy and light compositions reigned.

Thierry Mugler Angel For Women

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Nevertheless, the well-cut pyramid with patchouli, chocolate, caramel, honey, and other sweet and tasty notes became mega-popular in a short time. In 2007, the fragrance was awarded the FiFi Awards in the Hall of Fame nomination. Since the year of creation, about 40 flankers of the fragrance have been released, which indicates the complete success of the flagship idea.

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In light of the high price of these French perfume masterpieces, it is reasonable to ask if there are high-quality analogs available. When purchasing perfumes from trusted suppliers who can prove their originality, you should understand that a famous French fragrance cannot be purchased for cheap.

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