11 Best Oud Perfumes and Colognes for Men in 2022

Best Oud Perfumes for Men 2022

Oud Wood is increasingly rare and makes it one of the most expensive materials in modern perfumery. However, in view of its great olfactory power, only a small dose is necessary for the development of perfume. In this article, we are going to share the Best Oud Men Perfumes that contains Woody notes that every man should wear.

Long used in perfumery in the East, oud wood has only recently entered the European trade. A veritable olfactory jewel of power, bestiality, wealth, the oud has recently become widely democratized in European perfumery. Democratized to the point of seeing many oud-based flankers flourish, such as Boss Bottled with its version Boss Bottled Oud or Versace Pour Homme Oud Noir flanker by Pour Homme.

On the other hand, oud wood perfumes for men are quite special, it is difficult to advise you to treat yourself to one blind if you have never smelled an oud wood perfume before. The smell is indeed quite peculiar and these are not perfumes that one could qualify as the general public.


11 Best Oud Men Perfumes & Colognes with Woody Scent to Buy in 2022


  1. Oud Wood by Tom Ford

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We start with an oud wood that is rather easy to wear for beginners. Oud Wood gives off a classy and masculine scent. Brazilian rosewood adds a slightly floral and rosy side, while sandalwood brings warmth and a creamy side that is enhanced by vanilla.

It is at the beginning and in the middle of life that spices such as cardamom and Sichuan pepper add vibrancy and character to the fragrance.

We find the fragrance rather sexy, to be honest, however, the oud wood is not as present as fans of this precious wood might hope. Its power is not enormous for an oriental of this type and its hold is about 7-8h.


  1. Oud Bouquet Eau de Parfum Lancome

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I wouldn’t say that Oud Bouquet can be loved by a large audience, but its greedy side can greatly contribute and make the oud appreciate to the most reluctant of us. This Lancôme fragrance indeed offers us a scent of oud embellished with a strong dose of praline and vanilla. It is also double-edged since it could disgust those who do not like too sweet fragrances.

To this duo, rich in indulgence, only saffron and a generous rose are added. The oud is dense and heavy, with a slight animal side. An affordable perfume to set foot in the stirrup of the oriental ride.


  1. Oud Maison Francis Kurkdjian Parfum

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The Kurkdjian house offers us its interpretation of oud wood. This interpretation is not that different from what one can usually feel, however it is perfectly mastered. The camphoric facet of oud wood from Laos is very present in this one, where saffron seems to play the role of catalyst.

Elemi softens the fragrance with its beautiful scent, accompanied by rich vanilla. The scent becomes richer and richer and more addicting over the course of its life on our skin. With the spray, we notice the oily side of the fragrance which clearly shows the high concentration of the composition (perfume extract). The outfit is epic.



  1. The Other Side of Oud Atkinsons Perfume

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“The other side of the oud” since this perfume interprets the oud in a different way, playing on a very present coffee note. A sufficiently new combination to make this oud wood fragrance appear in this list.

This is accompanied by powerful cinnamon, vanilla, and cardamom. A combo of spices that will bring a warm sweetness, contrasted by the animality of oud wood. If you are an oud wood aficionado, I sincerely think this one is worth a look if you want to experience another side of oud wood.


  1. Rose Oud By Kilian Perfume

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Musk Oud opens with a light lemon seasoned with hot spices. This opening is then followed by a floral heart of rose and geranium, greened by mugwort and cypress bringing elegance and charm. The base that finally reveals itself to us is smoky, musky, and earthy. The oud in this one is easily accessible by neophytes, softened by the musk it is not too rowdy.

As with most of Kilian’s perfumes, an alcohol note is added to the composition. Here, it’s the rum that brings its subtly exotic touch. Note that unlike many oud perfumes, this one is fresh and can be worn more easily during slightly warmer periods, thanks to its lemon and green notes. His outfit is very tall and he is very opulent!


  1. Royal Elixir Ormonde Jayne Perfume

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Ormonde Elixir for its part will work on the woody facet of Bois de Oud as well as its “medicinal” facet (this very distinctive camphoric smell of certain oud woods). The woody facet of oud wood is harmoniously highlighted by the cedar. The medicinal and green side of this oriental wood is amplified by a note of grass, jasmine, and cardamom. It is a rare perfume that enjoys excellent hold and great punching power.


  1. Amouage Epic Man Amouage Cologne

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Surely one of my favorite oriental perfumes in terms of quality/price ratio. Interlude Man is a complex blend of smoky, dense, balmy, spicy, and amber scents. The distinctive incense of Maison Amouage is strongly present.

It is a powerful fog of smoke that explodes in our faces! But rest assured and wait for the magic to operate and discover all the facets that this sapphire offered by Amouage offers us. While wearing it, I am carried by an ancient mystical power. Undoubtedly for lovers of perfumes of oud smoked with incense.


  1. More Than Words Xerjoff Perfume

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Xerjoff offers us a line dedicated to oud wood, it is called Oud Stars. Mamluk is the most interesting for me. The Mamluks were the Arab equivalent of the warriors of the Janissary system of the Ottoman Empire, a name highly evocative of the Middle East for an oriental perfume worthy of the name.

This fragrance revolves around a generous note of caramelized honey, embellished at the opening by fruity and tangy bergamot. Honey is not waxy because it is accompanied by benzoin, very noticeable with its beautiful scent. Then the heart of the fragrance gradually reveals a more floral aspect to us via jasmine and osmanthus.

Finally, all the perfume rests on a more discreet oud wood base but which reminds us from time to time that it is indeed present. It is a fragrance with a more discreet approach to oud with a sweet and floral facet. His outfit is epic and he has a lot of power.



  1. Oud Picante Areej Le Doré Perfume

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This composition is dedicated to a wild, indomitable, and above all spicy oud. It opens with a spice bomb, if it may seem aggressive, it remains soft and pleasant. This spice blend uses pure essences of cumin, nutmeg, cardamom, cinnamon, and cloves.

Little by little, the scent of Borneo oud is revealed, slightly green, raw, and resinous. Tobacco and coffee are also added to bring more character! This fragrance is not intended for sensitive noses, it is for the conquerors, the daring and mature men. Lovers of oud and spices will be won over.

Unfortunately, I can no longer find this perfume, sold out for quite a while on the official website. I can’t wait to be able to offer it to myself again. Know that Areej Le Doré is a brand that you love or hate and I invite you to discover their high-quality perfumes.


  1. Parisian Fragrance du Bois Perfume

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Fragrance Du Bois offers a lot of oud wood scents and really interesting, but in my opinion, it is Sahraa Oud that offers us the most unique experience. Sahraa Oud has an opening quite similar to Oud Extract from Maison Francis Kurkdjian presented above. Saffron plays an essential role in this.

However, as the fragrance develops, a powerful rose and a muscular geranium give us a bright floral heart. This colorful heart fades to a base of amber vanilla. The oud is the note that we perceive the most alongside the rose and amber. The fragrance is addictive, sexy, and hot.


  1. Burlington 1819 Roja Dove Perfume

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However, I have been fortunate enough to be able to try it several times and the quality really lives up to the price! A much more concentrated version than its brother Amber Aoud, this precious juice is luxurious, deep, intense. He gives the first role to a classic trio of oud, saffron, and rose.

A note of fig adds a milky fruity facet to the heart of the fragrance. A solid background of ambergris and benzoin offers us an olfactory panorama of irreproachable quality. The smell is seductive, addictive, thick and so rich! The opacity and the dark and thick color of the juice had warned us before even smelling it! It is a truly unique olfactory experience.


Final Words

These are quite powerful scents and their hold is often excellent. So one or two sprays will be more than enough to invade you with the majestic scents of these 11 Best Oud Colognes for Men throughout the day!

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