11 Best Oud Perfumes for Men with Woddy Notes

11 Best Oud Perfumes and Colognes for Men in 2021

Oud Wood is becoming increasingly uncommon, making it one of the most expensive ingredients in modern perfumery. Today we will review some of the best oud perfumes for men with woody notes that are pretty unique.

Oud wood, which has long been utilized in Eastern perfumery, has only recently made its way into the European market. The oud, a true olfactory jewel of strength, bestiality, and luxury, has recently gained widespread popularity in European perfumery.

Democratized to the point where several oud-based flankers thrive, such as Boss Bottled and its variant Boss Bottled Oud or Versace Pour Homme Oud Noir flanker by Pour Homme. However, because of its strong olfactory properties, just a small amount is required for perfume production.

Best Oud Men Perfumes & Colognes with Woody Scent

Oud wood colognes for men are pretty unique; it is tough to recommend purchasing one if you have never scented one before. The smell is rather unique, and these are not perfumes suitable for the general population. Let’s discover the Best Oud Men Perfumes with Woody Notes for Every Man to Wear.

1. Tom Ford Oud Wood

Tom Ford Oud Wood

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We begin with an oud wood that is rather easy to wear for beginners. Oud Wood emits a refined and masculine scent. Brazilian rosewood lends a little floral and rosy note, whereas sandalwood provides warmth and a creamy note that is accentuated by vanilla.

Spices like cardamom and Sichuan pepper lend energy and character to fragrances during the start and middle of their lives.

To be honest, we find the aroma quite sensual; nonetheless, the oud wood is not as prominent as admirers of this valuable wood could expect. Its strength is not great for an oriental of this type, and its hold time is approximately 7-8 hours.

2. Lancome Oud Bouquet Eau de Parfum

Lancome Oud Bouquet Eau de Parfum

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I would not claim that Oud Bouquet is popular with a big audience, but its greedy side can substantially contribute and make the Oud appreciate even the most reluctant among us.

This Lancôme fragrance does have an oud aroma with strong praline and vanilla undertones. It is also double-edged, since it may disgust those who dislike too-sweet perfumes.

Only saffron and a large rose complete this indulgent combination. The oud is rich and heavy, with a faint animal quality. A cheap scent to put your foot in the stirrup of the oriental ride.

3. Oud Maison Francis Kurkdjian Parfum

Oud Maison Francis Kurkdjian Parfum

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The Kurkdjian house presents its interpretation of oud wood. This interpretation is not that different from what one can generally sense, but it is flawlessly executed. The camphoric aspect of Laotian oud wood is prominent in this one, with saffron acting as a catalyst.

Elemi softens the aroma with its lovely scent, which is complemented by creamy vanilla. The perfume grows increasingly rich and addictive as it lingers on our skin. With the spray, we perceive the oily side of the smell, indicating a high concentration of the composition.

4. Atkinson Oud Perfume for Men

Atkinson Oud Perfume for Men

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“The other side of the oud” refers to how this scent interprets the oud, which includes a strong coffee aroma. A sufficiently novel mix to place this oud wood smell on this list.

This is complemented by strong cinnamon, vanilla, and cardamom. A blend of spices that will provide a warm sweetness juxtaposed with the animality of oud wood. If you’re a fan of oud wood, I believe this one is worth checking out if you want to see another aspect of it.

5. Kilian Perfume Rose Oud

Kilian Perfume Rose Oud

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Musk Oud begins with a subtle lemon infused with fiery spices. This is followed by a floral center of rose and geranium, greened with mugwort and cypress, which adds elegance and charm.

The base that eventually exposes itself is smokey, musky, and earthy. The oud in this one is easily accessible to beginners, and the musk softens it so it isn’t too noisy.

The composition has an alcohol note, as do the majority of Kilian’s perfumes. The rum adds a subtle foreign twist. Note that, unlike many oud perfumes, this one is fresh and may be used during slightly warmer weather due to its lemon and green overtones.

6. Royal Elixir Ormonde Jayne Perfume

Royal Elixir Ormonde Jayne Perfume

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For its part, Ormonde Elixir works on both the woody and “medicinal” aspects of Bois de Oud. The woody aspect of oud wood is perfectly emphasized by the cedar.

The medicinal and green aspects of this oriental wood are enhanced by notes of grass, jasmine, and cardamom. It is a remarkable perfume with exceptional hold and punching force.

7. Amouage Epic Man Amouage Cologne

Amouage Epic Man Amouage Cologne

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One of my favorite oriental scents in terms of quality/price ratio. Interlude Man is a complex combination of smoky, thick, balmy, spicy, and amber fragrances. The characteristic incense of Maison Amouage is strongly present.

It’s a strong cloud of smoke that blasts in our faces! But don’t worry, just wait for the magic to work and you’ll uncover all the facets that Amouage’s sapphire has to give. While wearing it, I am carried by an ancient supernatural force. Undoubtedly for those who enjoy oud scents smoked with incense.

8. More Than Words Xerjoff Perfume

More Than Words Xerjoff Perfume

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Xerjoff has a line dedicated to oud wood called Oud Stars. Mamluk is the most interesting to me. The Mamluks were the Arab version of the Ottoman Empire’s Janissary warriors, a name that evokes the Middle East and is appropriate for an oriental scent.

This fragrance centers on a rich note of caramelized honey, which is enhanced at the start by sweet and acidic bergamot. Honey is not waxy because it contains benzoin, which has a pleasant aroma. The fragrance’s center progressively exposes a more flowery character through jasmine and osmanthus.

Finally, the perfume is supported by a more modest oud wood foundation, which serves as a reminder of its presence on occasion. It is a scent that takes a more subtle approach to oud, with a sweet and floral note. His attire is enormous, and he wields a lot of power.

9. Oud Picante Areej Le Doré Perfume

Oud Picante Areej Le Doré Perfume

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This composition is devoted to a wild, indomitable, and most importantly spicy oud. It begins with a spice bomb, which, while appearing forceful, is delicate and delicious. Cumin, nutmeg, cardamom, cinnamon, and cloves are all pure essences included in this spice blend.

The aroma of Borneo oud emerges gradually: somewhat green, rough, and resinous. Tobacco and coffee are also used to create character! This fragrance is not intended for sensitive nostrils; rather, it is for conquerors, brave and mature men. Fans of oud and spices will be won over.

Unfortunately, this perfume is no longer available on the official website, since it has been sold out for quite some time. I can’t wait to be able to do it for myself again. Areej Le Doré is a brand you either love or despise, and I invite you to try their high-quality perfumes.

10. Parisian Fragrance du Bois Perfume

Parisian Fragrance du Bois Perfume

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Fragrance Du Bois has a variety of oud wood aromas and is interesting, but in my opinion, Sahraa Oud provides the most distinctive experience. Sahara Oud has an opening that is similar to the Oud Extract from Maison Francis Kurkdjian shown above. Saffron is necessary in this process.

However, as the smell progresses, a strong rose and a muscular geranium provide a vibrant floral heart. This vibrant heart fades into a base of amber vanilla. Along with the rose and amber, the oud is the most noticeable tone to us. The aroma is intoxicating, seductive, and intense.

11. Burlington 1819 Roja Dove Perfume

Burlington 1819 Roja Dove Perfume

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However, I was fortunate enough to be able to try it multiple times, and the quality matches the price! This rare juice is opulent, deep, and strong, unlike its brother Amber Aoud, which is significantly less concentrated. He opens with a traditional trinity of oud, saffron, and rose.

A fig note provides a creamy, fruity quality to the fragrance’s center. A robust background of ambergris and benzoin creates an olfactory landscape of unparalleled excellence.

The aroma is enticing, addicting, thick, and extremely rich! Before we could smell the juice, we were warned by its opacity and dark, thick hue.

Final Words

These are quite powerful scents and their hold is often excellent. So one or two sprays will be more than enough to invade you with the majestic scents of these Best Oud Colognes for Men throughout the day!

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