34 Best Telegram Tips and Tricks You Must Know

34 Best Telegram Tips and Tricks You Must Know in 2021

Telegram is one of the best messaging apps used worldwide by millions of users just because of its functionalities. These 34 Best Telegram Tips & Tricks You Must Know Before Using the Application.

34 Best Telegram Tips and Tricks You Must Know

Telegram is one of the best messaging apps that has been gaining many users in recent years. All thanks to its new functions that are incorporated over time. For this reason, we want to share some tips and tricks of telegram to get the most out of it.

1. Put the video as a profile picture

When it comes to Tips and Tricks, Telegram lets you put a video as a profile photo. From the gallery or directly from the camera you can put a video as a profile image. Telegram lets you edit the video by cutting and trimming it.

2, Use beauty mode in photos

When you send a photo in a chat from the camera you can adjust various parameters to beautify your face, make cutouts or adjust the color.

3. Video chat editor

Like images, when you send a video from the gallery in a conversation you can use the video editor that has cropping, framing, rotating, and adjusting tones, and quality.

4. Make video calls

Telegram finally introduces video calls in the application and so you can use it.

  • Open the chat with the person you want to start the video call with.
  • Click on the 3 dots in the upper right part of the chat.
  • Choose a video call to start the video conversation.

5. See Featured GIFs

Send the GIFs that are trending or are at the top of the moment. You just have to click on the “GIF” icon and at the bottom, you will find a section called “ Featured GIFs”.

6. Video and photo editor with animated Stickers

Apart from the basic editing such as cutting, adjusting the color, and transforming, the option of adding animated stickers to photos and videos before being sent has been implemented.

  • How: Select the videos you want to send – “Click on the brush icon 🖌” – Click on the sticker icon – Select the stickers you have installed.

7. Send messages in silent mode

Telegram allows you to send a message silently, but if it appears within the notifications of the target contact.

  • How: Write the message and when you go to send it, press and hold the send button until the option “Send without sound” appears.

8. Send uncompressed photos and video

From the attached section you can find the function to send multimedia files without compression so as not to lose quality.

  • How: Click on the attach icon – Select the photos and videos to send – Click on the 3 dots (they are in the upper right) – Click on “send without compression”.

9. Schedule messages

Useful to send a message on a specific day and time to a contact or within a group.

  • How: Write the message to send – Hold down the point to send – Select “schedule message” – Set the day and time that will be sent automatically.

10. Who can find you on Telegram?

Choose which users who have your number saved in their contacts can see you on Telegram.

  • How: Go to Telegram settings – privacy and security – phone number – select who can see your number.

11. Export all your chats with their content.

Export all the content you have in your telegram and save the file on your computer as a backup.

  • How: Go to the settings (Only available in the Telegram Desktop version) – Advanced – “Export telegram data” – Select the data to export (Contacts, personal chats, groups, channels, photos, voice messages, files, etc. .) – Click on export.

Note: For security reasons, the other devices will be notified that you have requested an export of the chats and you will have to confirm.

12. Classify your conversations by folders

If you have many active chats, you can organize them by folders to find the contacts, channels, and groups of a particular topic. For example work, family, universality, etc.

  • How: Go to Telegram settings – Folders – Click on “create new folder” – Give it a name and Add the chats that will be in that folder.

Note: Now in the Telegram chat screen you will find a new tab at the top with the name of the folders. Swipe horizontally to switch from one folder to another.


13. Automate telegram actions

With the help of automation applications like IFTTT, you can create automatic actions to be executed with other applications when a specific event occurs. For example, every time a photo is uploaded, a message arrives, you have a missed call, etc.

14. Edit photos before sending

Telegram has a built-in Photo Editor that allows you to draw on the photo, add text, add Stickers, adjust the contrast, and enhance and manage the colors and tones using an editing curve.

  • Take the photo or select the images you want to send.
  • Click on the edit icon and make the necessary adjustments.
  • Press send with changed settings.

15. Create your own theme

Although there are several predefined themes: Light, blue, and dark tones. Telegram has the option to create your theme by changing the text size, the color of the links, headers, and the background color with a pattern and the type of view of the messages.

  • Tap on the settings – Chat.
  • Select the topic or click on the 3 dots to “create a new topic”
  • At the bottom, you can change some Telegram functions for created theme.

16. Create your own alias

By creating your alias, people will be able to find you without having to know your phone number as we do on Instagram. In addition, Telegram gives you a personalized link with your alias to share and thus it is easier to add contacts.

  • Click on the settings – Aliases.
  • Choose a name that is not being used – Click OK to finish.

17. Choose who can see your last connection

Apart from choosing between everyone, my contacts, and nobody it is possible to choose certain contacts with whom you want to share your last connection when you choose “nobody”.

  • Go to the settings – Privacy and security – Last connection.

18. Customize Notifications

This section is very complete concerning the notifications that you want to receive of any kind.

  • Message notifications with exceptions.
  • Group notifications and channels with exceptions.
  • Disable the name on the lock screen.
  • Notifications of new contacts that add you.

19. Archive Conversations quickly

A function brought from WhatsApp is that by simply swiping to the left you can archive conversations and at the top will be the archived chats. If you want to hide the “Archived” you just have to slide to the left. and is removed.

20. Moving or blurred wallpapers

Background version 2.0 allows you to set it as wallpaper in chats with the following options:

  • Predefined images by telegram, color patterns, photos from the gallery or use the telegram image search engine.
  • Apply motion or blur effect on the background.

21. Restrict group-sharing content

If you are the administrator of a group, you can now restrict what members can do with exceptions.

  • Send messages, multimedia, gifs, and surveys.
  • embed links, add users, pin messages, and change the chat info.

How: Click on the name of the group – click the pencil icon ✏️- Permissions – Activate/deactivate – Click on the checkbox.

22. Transfer photos from mobile to computer easily

Transfer your photos from your mobile to your PC using the Telegram application without losing quality, that is, in their original morning.

  • Enter ” Saved messages ” – Click on the attach icon – select the images – Click on ” send as file “.
  • Install the official telegram app (Windows or Mac) – Click on the Download that is next to the shared image.
  • Find the photos in the “Desktop Telegram” folder that is created in the downloads folder on your computer.

23. Activate Automatic Night Mode

This a useful feature for those who want to change the subject when night falls. You just have to activate this function with automatic or programmed mode. Schedule mode is activated locally at dusk and dawn.

24. Light Version: Official Telegram X

A version that works faster but with almost the same functions as the traditional version. Access to chat, scroll, go to settings … everything is with immediate access. In addition to including a night mode and a bubble node like Messenger.

25. Quickly reply to a message

To reply to a specific message of conversion, now Telegram allows you to do it simply: just slide the message with your finger to the left and the dialog box will immediately open to write the answer.

26. Multiple Accounts

Telegram on Android allows you to have up to 3 accounts on a single smartphone simultaneously but with different phone numbers. This is useful to have a work profile and another personal profile and easily manage them on your mobile.

27. Share location in real-time

It is a way of sharing our location but I know that it updates in real-time as we move over some time. With this function, you will have the option to share the location for 15 minutes, 1 hour, or 8 hours.

How: Go to the attachments section – Share my location – send my location during – choose the time.

28. Media player

Play MP3 files in a better way than the previous one of the audios that you send and receive in telegram. When you are playing a song, the title is fixed at the top and if you click on the title it will show you the cover.

29. Photo Album in the profile picture

An interesting feature is that when you share multiple photos, it is grouped within an album to receive a single notification and better organization. That same album can be used as a profile photo in telegram and when a contact clicks on our profile photo, it will show him the entire selected album.

30. Save Messages

A way to save important messages and have them on hand for quick access. That’s what the “Saved Messages” section does. Select a message from a conversion – then click on forward – select “saved messages”. This way you have quick access to the chat links and who sent them.

31. Self-destruct photos

Do you want to share a photo or video but do you want it to be deleted automatically after a certain time? You just have to open the shared photo – in the edit menu – click on the clock icon – set a timer and that’s it.

32. Create secret chats

Create a secret conversion with any contact to leave no trace of the messages that are sent and the information that is shared. The messages will not be saved on the telegram servers, nor can they be forwarded since the messages are automatically deleted.

How I do it: Go to the Telegram side Menu – New Secret Chat – Select the contact – Wait for the confirmation and that’s it.

33. Bots on Telegram

One of the best Tips and Tricks provided by Telegram is Bots which are small automation that can do anything, for example:

  • By typing @Youtube and entering a search, the video appears in the chat ready to be sent in the conversation.
  • @wiki to look up information on Wikipedia.
  • @Game and @Gamebot will show you various games that can be opened within the chat and played with your contact.
  • with @YTaudiobot you convert a youtube link to audio-only automatically.
  • @gif to search for any type of gif.

34. Protect chats with a password

As a first measure, you can protect the Telegram app with a 4-code PIN or activate fingerprint unlocking. You just have to go to the settings – Privacy & security – Access code – activate.

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