Bol Entertainment Live Streaming

Bol Entertainment Live Streaming

BOL Entertainment TV Live Streaming is a Pakistani channel that is a subsidiary project of the organization Axact, which is the world’s fastest-leading IT Company based in Karachi. The Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) has approved satellite radio and television licenses for the BOL Network.

Bol Entertainment Live Streaming TV channel

The founders of the BOL TV channel are Shoaib Ahmed Shaikh and Vikas Atiq. BOL’s goal is to take Pakistan into a new information age, which can transform the way the masses see information lately. BOL Entertainment’s goal is to pioneer a media revolution and provide further strengthening and efforts to create a better Pakistan in the field of electronic media.

The channel is focused on conveying content suitable for family audiences that will represent and promote the world’s leading Pakistani culture. Other than that BOL Media Group also owns the Bol News Live┬áTV channel that telecasts the news 24/7.

The Pakistani TV channel Bol Entertainment Live TV broadcasts Dramas, Music, TV shows, and other various programs in Pakistan. Enjoy multiple TV shows such as “Game Show Aisay Chalyga Ga, Bol Nights with Ahsan Khan, Pakh Pakh Pakao, Jan Cartoon, Star Player, Khush Raho Pakistan, Croron mai Khel, and Champions Live.

The other TV shows and dramas that are broadcast live on the Bol entertainment TV channel include

  • Ye Hai Khatti Meethi Zindagi
  • Marham
  • Mirchiyan
  • Ishq Mohalla
  • Upar Bhabhi ka Makan
  • Rabbaway
  • Parlour wali larki
  • Chat Pata Chowk
  • Gol Guppay
  • Aik Mohabbat Kafi Hai
  • Aap ko Kya Takleeef Hai
  • Banglay Main Kanglay
  • Chakkar
  • Hasna Mana Hai
  • Siskiyan
  • Tum Murjim Ho
  • Kho Gya Who
  • Mohabat karna mana hai

The BOL Network team is made up of several of Pakistan’s top and most outstanding and eminent media professionals and presenters. Pakistan’s famous drama industry actor, Mr. Nabeel Zafar of the comedy series Bulbulay, has joined BOL as CEO (MD) of BOL Entertainment.

The best strategy BOL Network used to provide employment opportunities for Pakistanis by upgrading more than twenty thousand public transport vehicles across Pakistan by providing free repairs as part of its BOL Network promotion campaign.

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