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BSports Live Streaming is Pakistan’s First-Ever YouTube Sports Channel to Broadcast Live Coverage of T20 World Cup 2022, KPL 2022, PSL 2023, Asia Cup 2022, & Kabaddi WC on BSports Official Website. Watch all PSL 2023 matches online for free without any subscription charges but within Pakistan.

Pakistan’s first Sports YouTube Channel debut in January 2019, which holds the official broadcasting rights for the Pakistan Super League. For the PSL 8 Edition, the YouTube channel successfully telecasted the tournament live in Pakistan gaining followers and fame.

The channel also bought the Kabaddi World Cup broadcasting rights to bring all matches live on YouTube. Besides, the channel also purchased the rights for the Asia Cup 2022, ICC Men’s Twenty20 World Cup, and other major ICC events rights to telecast matches in Pakistan.

Kashmir Premier League also known as KPL is the professional Twenty20 Cricket League which is founded in 2021. The KPL T20 League features six various teams of which five represent the various cities of Azad Kashmir while one team represents overseas Kashmiris.  The purpose of the KPL T20 league is to search and hunt the local cricket talent from Azad Kashmir and its nearby northern areas and then polish them to play for the International team.

KPL will also unleash the real beauty of Azad Kashmir as all matches will be played in the beautiful city of Azad Kashmir “Muzaffarabad”. The first edition consists of major Pakistani players but for the second edition, there are numerous overseas players looking forward to playing Kashmir Premier League.

BSports will telecast all matches of KPL in Pakistan as BSports bagged the official broadcasting rights for the Kashmir Premier League 2022. Viewers can watch KPL live of all matches on the BSports Official Website.

Along with CricketGateway, BSports has always been the go-to portal for Pakistan Super League watchers. The platform’s best feature is that all of the streams are in high-definition (HD) quality and do not lag.

You may watch b sports live cricket streaming on the internet as the competition starts. It’s free, and it’ll broadcast all 34 matches live. You can also go to their Facebook page, where you’ll find a link to the live matches.

The majority of people nowadays prefer to watch sports contests on their cellphones or laptops. If you want to watch some live PSL action, YouTube is a terrific place to start. Similarly, all PSL matches will be live-streamed on the BSports website and YouTube channel. The station has also broadcast matches from previous PSL seasons, the most recent of which is the fifth.

BSports Pakistan is the name of the YouTube channel. You can subscribe to the channel and switch on notifications to receive updates as soon as the matches begin. The competition doesn’t start for another month and a half. You can watch other sports coverage on the channel till then.


BSports Live PSL 8 

Every year, millions of people tune in to watch the Pakistan Super League on television and on the internet. When it comes to online live streaming, in particular, b sports live streaming is a fantastic way to Watch PSL Live. In past editions of the Pakistan Super League, BSports telecast the matches, and with some good quality. If you want to watch live cricket without having to wait for it to buffer, B Sports live cricket streaming is the way to go.

B Sports is the best online free source to Watch PSL 8 live telecast on without any subscription charges. Enjoy hassle-free Live-stream of PSL 2023 Matches in HD quality for free on B Sports Pakistan YouTube Channel & Website.

When it comes to cricket, the Pakistani Nation loves it, for cricket is more than a sport. The Pakistani fans are fond of cricket which is for them a passion and a reason to cheer which is why we see the majority of youngsters in Pakistan playing Local cricket.


BSports Live ICC T20 World Cup 2022

Pakistani fans can watch the live coverage of ICC Men’s T20 World Cup 2022 in Pakistan on BSports (YouTube Channel); all matches will be live-streamed on B Sports YouTube Pakistan online for free. Alongside BSports, PTV Sports Live 2022 televise the ICC T20 World Cup 2022 Matches on television screen in Pakistan.

ICC T20 World Cup is near, as the world is getting recovered from the major outbreak of the Covid-19 Pandemic which resulted in all cricket series postponed. Various Cricket Series and Twenty20 League along with Major ICC events got postponed due to the Coronavirus. But, now the cricket is back in action with some bio-secure protocols and a bio-secure bubble environment for the prevention of the coronavirus.

Hope so, we are going to see the ICC Men’s Twenty20 World Cup 2022 live-action really soon as India is going to host the tournament while the 2020’s edition was postponed which was to be held in Australia. Now, Australia will host the 2022 edition of the tournament. The ICC event is likely to take place in Oct – Nov 2022.



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No Match Date Timing
1 Sri Lanka vs Namibia 16-Oct-22 09:30 AM
2 Qualifier 2 vs Qualifier 3 16-Oct-22 01:30 PM
3 West Indies vs Scotland 17-Oct-22 09:30 AM
4 Qualifier 1 vs Qualifier 4 17-Oct-22 01:30 PM
5 Namibia vs Qualifier 3 18-Oct-22 09:30 AM
6 Sri Lanka vs Qualifier 2 18-Oct-22 01:30 PM
7 Scotland vs Qualifier 4 19-Oct-22 09:30 AM
8 West Indies vs Qualifier 1 19-Oct-22 01:30 PM
9 Sri Lanka vs Qualifier 3 20-Oct-22 09:30 AM
10 Namibia vs Qualifier 2 20-Oct-22 01:30 PM
11 West Indies vs Qualifier 4 21-Oct-22 09:30 AM
12 Scotland vs Qualifier 1 21-Oct-22 01:30 PM
13 New Zealand vs Australia 22-Oct-22 12:30 PM
14 England vs Afghanistan 22-Oct-22 04:30 PM
15 Group-A Winner vs Group-B Runner-up 23-Oct-22 09:30 AM
16 India vs Pakistan 23-Oct-22 01:30 PM
17 Bangladesh vs Group-A Runner-up 24-Oct-22 09:30 AM
18 South Africa vs Group-B Winner 24-Oct-22 01:30 PM
19 Australia vs Group-A Winner 25-Oct-22 04:30 PM
20 England vs Group-B Runner-up 26-Oct-22 09:30 AM
21 New Zealand vs Afghanistan 26-Oct-22 01:30 PM
22 South Africa vs Bangladesh 27-Oct-22 08:30 AM
23 India vs Group-A Runner-up 27-Oct-22 12:30 PM
24 Pakistan vs Group B Winner 27-Oct-22 04:30 PM
25 Afghanistan vs Group-B Runner-up 28-Oct-22 09:30 AM
26 England vs Australia 28-Oct-22 01:30 PM
27 New Zealand vs Group-A Winner 29-Oct-22 01:30 PM
28 Bangladesh vs Group-B Winner 30-Oct-22 08:30 AM
29 Pakistan vs Group-A Runner-up 30-Oct-22 12:30 PM
30 India vs South Africa 30-Oct-22 04:30 PM
31 Australia vs Group-B Runner-up 31-Oct-22 01:30 PM
32 Afghanistan vs Group-A Winner 01-Nov-22 09:30 AM
33 England vs New Zealand 01-Nov-22 01:30 PM
34 Group B Winner vs Group-A Runner-up 02-Nov-22 09:30 AM
35 India vs Bangladesh 02-Nov-22 01:30 PM
36 Pakistan vs South Africa 03-Nov-22 01:30 PM
37 New Zealand vs Group-B Runner-up 04-Nov-22 09:30 AM
38 Australia vs Afghanistan 04-Nov-22 01:30 PM
39 England vs Group-A Winner 05-Nov-22 01:30 PM
40 South Africa vs Group-A Runner-up 06-Nov-22 05:30 AM
41 Pakistan vs Bangladesh 06-Nov-22 09:30 AM
42 India vs Group-B Winner 06-Nov-22 01:30 PM
43 1st Semi Final 09-Nov-22 01:30 PM
44 2nd Semi Final 10-Nov-22 01:30 PM
45 Final 13-Nov-22 01:30 PM


BSports Live KPL 2022

BSports acquires the official rights of the Kashmir Premier League – KPL. B Sports to broadcast the live coverage of Kashmir Premier League 2022 in Pakistan. The second edition of Kashmir Premier League – KPL 2022 is scheduled to start in August 2022.


BSports Live Asia Cup 2022

BSports Pakistan Facebook and YouTube Channel to broadcast the live coverage of the fifteenth edition of ACC Asia Cup. B Sports to telecast the live coverage of Asia Cup 2022 Live in Pakistan. A total of six teams to take part in the tournament where the cricket fans can now watch Pakistan vs India Asia Cup 2022 Live match on their TV Screens and Mobile Phones.